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I had really hoped on not spending any… ok, let be real here – much… I had hoped on not spending much money on makeup this summer. My mind was telling me no.. but my BODY, MY BODYYYY…

It all (probably) started on a week day morning early on in the summer; as my alarm went off, after I hit snooze a few times, I decided to open up and look at Instagram like it was the morning paper, like I normally do. I (sort of unfortunately) follow this page that often posts new makeup collections, upcoming restocks and product launches and the like. Most of the time I see them and feel lukewarm about what I see, but something, SOMETHING about this post had me checking my bank account to see how much I could drop the moment the collection launched early this summer.

ABH Summer 2015ABH Summer 2015 SwatchesIt was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2015 collection. Now, after I finally collected ALL the liquid lipsticks in the line and love them all as if they were my own actual children; I knew that this was a rare “Pokemon” and yet again, I had to catch them all. Although it’s September, I remember the day it launched (though now, I don’t know an exact date). I remember sitting at my computer, with an alarm on my phone and email calendar to alert me when the items went up for sale. But! As I checked Instagram, Macy’s had already launched part of the collection! Better for me, I thought, that way I can use my Macy’s Card… muahaha. But by the time I had learned of the Macy’s early bird launch, lots of the products were already SOLD. OUT! Wtf?

I was only able to get my hands on the two liquid lipsticks (after refreshing the page only about 5-8 times), the two shadows in Amber and Peach Sorbet (OMG – amazinnnnngggg! *insert heart eye emoji here*) and the gel liners in Ice Blue, Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow… So I thought. And then I’d just get the rest of the liners on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, which I did – Barbie Pink and Sunset. In the Cart. Purchase. Confirmation. Wait for shipping info.

But then about a week later, I get an email from Macy’s saying that the gel liners in Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow were actually not in stock and wouldn’t be restocked so it would be pulled from my order, and I would be reimbursed that money. I must admit I did feel a bit frantic- omg! What am I going to do?! I need those liners! Then I was like, come on Maria, let’s be rational here, you don’t NEED those liners.  So I was like, yeah, no big deal, I don’t need ’em!

Fast forward a month, I’m at the Galleria, and as always, I park at Macy’s. I successfully pass by the ABH display while on my way to the stores within the mall, while not checking if they have the liners I’m missing from my Summer 2015 collection- because remember, I don’t need them! But on my way back through Macy’s to get to my car, I had to stop and pick up some Clarisonic brush heads because I needed my replacements! And I was in the Impulse section of the store anyway, where they have the ABH display and Oh My Lanta! They had Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow – IN. STOCK! So I grabbed them.


But at least that part of my collection’s complete!


Not pictured: shadows in Amber & Peach Sorbet


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