The Most Elusive Lipstick in America

Let me tell you what sparked my “The Glam Greek Reports” – I spent literally TWO days obsessed over finding Dusty Rose by Anastasia Beverly Hills from their Fall collection of liquid lipsticks. And I was so determined to find it that I traveled to two different malls and then called literally- and I mean literally in it’s literal sense – called ALL the malls within the “Houston” area that had a Macy’s with an Impulse Beauty department. That’s about 10 malls, y’all.

And then I was reading about the refugees and realized I was obsessing over something so small and trivial.. but that’s neither here nor there for this post, please read the previous for my thoughts on that.

I called TEN different malls, and if the mall in Pasadena had it, I was willing to drive ALL THE WAY OUT TO PASADENA from Cypress to pick up Dusty Rose. I’m telling you, once I get something in my head that I have to have, I won’t rest until I have it.

ABH Dusty Rose

Unfortunately I was not able to find it anywhere! So I started stalking the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram page, as well as Norvina’s (ABH daughter) and this one called Trend Mood 1 that always posts updates for launches and restocks, to see if they would post any information! I can’t lie, I was also harassing a bit too, posting on almost all the new uploads, “Hey! when is Dusty Rose coming back in stock!?” But then I would sit and read through comments and apparently it never launched on their site, which started to make sense because I did buy all of their fall collection, but never saw a Dusty Rose. So I started to get a little angry!

It must’ve been a Labor Day miracle though, because this morning, during my morning Instagram scroll, Trend Mood announced that Dusty Rose and the illuminators were in stock! So naturally, I made my order. Dusty Rose has found a new home and can now join the rest of her brothers and sisters in the ABH Fall Collection <3

Did anyone else have such a hard time finding this lipstick in particular?


Stratigista, the Glam Greek

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