Manicure Kit Monday

I love getting my nails done, and as of late, I’m obsessing over the coffin nail shape. But after I came back from vacation, I figured it was a good time to let my real nails breathe for a while and strengthen back up before getting tips back on again.

But my nail were just looking so sad and boring. Until… I walked into Walgreens one day for some toothpaste and a casual stroll down the beauty aisle led me to this Sally Hansen nail art kit!

Sally Hansen Nail Art Kit

Retails for about $6.45 in my area, could be more or less depending on your location and where it’s sold.


They carry a few different types of kits, but all will come with 3 different kinds of appliqu├ęs & a utensil to set the gems or glitter on the nail.

It really is so easy I promise! And the instructions are much more helpful than you can imagine. And, the possibilities are endless. Here are 3 different ways I recently tried out:

Sally Hansen Nail Art

water marble nails?

Sally Hansen Nail Art - all studs

Have you tried these kits yet? Any other kinds? I wonder how easy/difficult the glittery bead kit is.


Stratigista, the Glam Greek

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  1. September 23, 2015 / 2:23 PM

    Actually I have this same exact kit, the stick that came with it didn’t work well. I love the jewels, but the clear ones get geled over from my top coat (which I use under the jewels), this causes them to lose their sparkle. I happened to have just bought some jewels that don’t have this issue. At least I got this kit at Fred Meyer for 50% off, hey maybe that’s why?

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