10 Ways to Get out of a Bad/Sad/Mad Mood

This is my first entry in about 2 months now, after I said I would make blogging more of a priority. But if you’re anything like me, don’t let this get you down.

However, feeling down and low is something we ALL face from time to time. Even the most jubilant person you know is going to be in a funk at some point or another. But there are ways to get yourself out of this. Although results may not be immediate.

  1. Remember that you are the creator of your own happiness. If you are down about anything – your current job situation, your current financial situation, your current relationship status, your current state of health – remember that happiness starts with YOU first.
  2. Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you give off positive vibes, even when you’re feeling absolutely NEGATIVE, you’re going to remind yourself that you’re always a positive person and in turn will have other positive people to surround you to also lift you up when you’re feeling down. Because you know that your positivity will do the same for them.
  3. The only constant in life is change. Try to remind yourself that whatever is getting to you, whatever might be causing this “funk” you may be in, is only temporary. Your current situation will not last forever.
  4. This one goes hand in hand with #3 – Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end. Hang in there and continue to be positive because you’ll reach the light that’s coming from the end of the tunnel eventually, and your (positive) attitude may be the foot on the accelerator.
  5. Find something to be grateful for. You may be stressing the EFF out about how you’re going to pay the bills this month. Or, as a millennial, how you’re going to afford the out of town bachelorette party that your BFF from college invited you to. You may be down about the job you spend 3 hours in traffic commuting to and fro each day. But give thanks that you’re alive. Give thanks for the blue skies that greet you each morning. For anything and everything, try to be grateful.
  6. You absolutely deserve to give yourself a moment. To cry. To slam your fists against a wall. To kick and stomp. It may feel childish and stupid at first, but good golly it feels real nice!
  7. Deep. Breaths. Life is always going to have something to throw at you. Life is like a constant American Gladiator obstacle course.
  8. Use your unfortunate situation as a learning experience. Take the time to evaluate the experience, and how you reacted to it, to learn how to deal with something even remotely similar that may arise in the future.
  9. Use this experience as wood to a fire. Something getting you down about money? Use that as fuel to invest, invest, invest! Learn to make your money work for you! Someone talking mess about your new business venture? Use that as fuel to work hard to PROVE you can make it. Something getting you down about health/medical issues? Use your situation as fuel to heal yourself from the inside out.
  10. Last, not least and DEFINITELY the most important is to remember to PRAY!
    Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

Finding any or all of these as useful advice is crucial to your outlook on life when life decides to squeeze you in the eye with lemons. I’m here to say we all struggle with being happy all the time, but happiness is almost always the cure to any bad attitude. That and laughter.

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The Glam Greek




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  1. Charles R De Leon
    November 8, 2016 / 9:23 PM

    I freakin love you!! Not only are you beautiful, talented, kind, and cultured, but you are smart!!! I am glad you’re wise words are reaching out to people that go through these things everyday. Who knows you may change someones life with your words! I’m proud of you Maria! keep up the blog, I like reading what you write.

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