Sunday Funday OOTD – Valentine’s Day Edition

I hope you took the time to read my last post… but no hard feelings if you didn’t. It was quite lengthy. So lengthy that I myself didn’t even re-read it to ensure there were no typos. (oops. #keepingitreal)

Most of our Sunday Funday Valentine’s Day Date was spent mostly in plush, comfy robes and slippers, but prior to our spa day, I decided to dress up, and dress up festively might, I add for church and brunch!

This Chicwish skirt is probably one of my favorite items in my closet. It’s full. It’s got pink. It’s got reds. It’s floral. Ugh. Swoon. I really wish I could wear it all the time, but I reserve it for particularly special occasions.

I stumbled across Chicwish somehow while on Facebook. By now I’m sure we’re all aware that Facebook and Google and all of the internet is linked for that matter, so when you search for something or browse a page on the internet, the ads that pop up elsewhere pertain to your recent browsing activity. In my case, it’s typically makeup, shoes or clothes. *insert side eye emoji*. I saw this skirt and another featured on their ad and decided to give it a whirl.

Despite the fact that it took almost 4 weeks to receive my order, and upon receiving it, seeing that the labels were in Chinese. I was apprehensive upon opening it, worried that it would be shoddy quality and that I played myself.

Thank goodness I was pleasantly surprised!

More often than not, I try to pair this dress with a simple, white button down shirt to make it less “Valentine’s-y”. But what kind of person would I be to NOT pair this skirt with the brightest, pinkest, most matchy-matchy shirt in my closet for this skirt? The perfect match (see what I did there?? Because… Valentine’s Day)

Maybe you’re not a pink kinda person. And I’m sorry. But the pink/red hues make my heart sing!

Top : Express (portofino)
Skirt: Chicwish
Shoes: Go Jane


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