Things You Can Do NOW to Empower Your Sisters


If you’ve got a vagina between your legs, you understand the hardships that come with your anatomical gift. And I don’t mean just physically. As a female, we have to endure societal barriers that no man could even begin to imagine. Our health, our appearance, our behaviors are structured FOR us from the time we’re born. Despite particular shortcomings, I feel so fortunate that here in America, we have the voice to cry about our injustices. Being 2017, it’s very difficult to fathom what it must be like to live in a world of fear that having male friends could mean your death from people who are supposed to protect you. It’s hard to wrap my head around a tradition that forces young girls to have their bodies mutilated “for their own good”. It breaks my heart trying to grasp the idea that your country’s machismo culture means that your life, your sister’s life, your mother’s, your aunts, cousins, neighbor’s lives are all just collateral damage amongst uncontrollable gang violence.

I watched a short documentary (if I can even call it that) on ABC Nightline the other night about Honduras being the most dangerous place in the world for a woman. A woman is murdered – sometimes hacked by a machete, sometimes shot 12 times in the back as she tries to flee, sometimes strangled or beaten – every 16 hours.

Afterwards, as I brushed my teeth before bed, I felt for these women. I felt for the young girls and for the children born into this sort of life. How do we break the cycle if it’s perpetuated?

While I can’t go to Central America and help all these women escape, there ARE some things I think we can do here to stand in solidarity with our sisters all over the world.

  1. Stay informed & stay current on these sorts of stories about women – knowledge is power.

  2. Share another woman’s story – good or bad.

  3. Support WOMEN owned businesses. Don’t know where to start? A quick Google search can quickly fix that!

  4. Congratulate women on advances! Don’t be petty, we can’t progress if we hold our own kind back

  5. Support women when they’ve felt like they’ve failed. We can all reach the finish line if we help each other when we fall.

  6. Complement each other! I have been on the giving and receiving end of “I love your outfit.” – as small, trivial and superficial as this can be, the ensuing reaction is heart-warming.

  7. Strike up a conversation – share tips, and ideas! Talk about a book, movie, motherhood, hopes for the future. We just want our voices heard.

  8. Teach a girl (or a woman!) to read!

  9. Volunteer – women’s shelters, clothes/food drives, toy drives, adopt a family, etc. We are BLESSED to be female! Our compassion gives us an edge that can’t be touched.

  10. SMILE!

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced”
– Malala Yousafzai

Try to help another woman today in hopes that this chain continues throughout the world. Small changes help to keep the current flowing for a huge wave of results.

Empowered Women, Empower Women


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