High Pressure

Le sigh. This Houston weather lately has me yearning for the temperatures that graced us towards the end of last/earlier this month thanks to a couple of high pressure weather fronts. Lol! If you’ve even skimmed my blog a bit, I’m sure it’s easy to tell I’m a bit of a dork and have got some, what at first may appear to be useless info in my head, but being a “fashionista” type chick, I gotta pay attention to the weather so I know what to wear and how I should do my hair and makeup! How much effort I decide to put into a look is great influenced by the direction the wind blows – literally. In essence, winds in a low pressure system will bring more moisture – humidity, if you will – into the air that will create clouds, which sometimes means rain. I am not going to straighten my hair or wear a dewy finish foundation if the humidity wont even allow my hair to be frizz-free or my face to be oil-free for longer than a couple minutes. However, when a high pressure system comes in, causing air to sink and drying out the atmosphere, I can load up on highlighter, wear the liquid liner, relax the tresses and throw a light bomber over the shoulders. Basically it allows me to dress and feel fly AF..

Bomber – H&M || Top – Stitch Fix || Jeans – Express


Sunnies – Dolce & Gabbana (my favorite pair!) || Lips – Kat Von D Lolita


Bauble Bar necklace

However helpful high pressure may be on my hair/makeup/outfits, it’s definitely not good on the psyche. I’d been feeling really low much of last week due to particularly high volume at work, plus mostly added stress that I put on myself to be on my A-game for everything. I’m constantly trying to put 1000 things on my plate, I have 10,000 thoughts going on in my head all at once, I’m forever starting new projects and then stress even more when it takes me longer than usual to complete them. And once I get caught up in the whirlwind, it’s hard to get myself out. Factor in some negative situations or negative feelings about situations and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm. A few things I like to do when I catch my mild anxiety start creeping control over my life, or trying to at least :

  1. BREATHE – this is the most simple, but toughest one!! When my mind is going warp speed, the last thing I want to do is stop what I’m doing or thinking and take a couple of deep breaths. But this is CRUCIAL. Actually, I think I’ll do a couple right now, because breathing is always helpful in any situation, especially at you know, like, sustaining life or whatever.
  2. Meditate – My heart is racing at the thought of all the things I have to do, and I’m supposed to take a minute and really ground myself in my breathing and be grateful for my existence?! In the midst of a stress induced anxiety attack, this seems incredibly inconvenient, but doing so can give you so much peace.
  3. Stretch – oftentimes, my to-do list is ridiculously long and I have no time to allot for even a 20 minute work out, but I try to take a moment every couple of hours to send my arms up to the sky, and swan-dive into forward fold a few times, stretching out the neck, back, and hamstrings which for me, holds a LOT of tension.
  4. Aromatherapy – I especially love lavender or rose when I’m incredibly anxious/stressed and I love it at night before bed; or peppermint during the day when I need a refreshing pick me up. Taking a quick whiff or massaging a small amount onto the temples is my fave. Or light a soothing candle like Eucalyptus MintMidnight Blue Citrus, or Lemon Mint Leaf, all from Bath & Body Works.
  5. Cup of Chamomile Tea – the scent enough is calming to the nerves, but teas are always a great way to warm the soul.
  6. Bubble Baths – Major key alert – putting a few droplets of the aforementioned essential oils to create a dreamy smelling steam bath can take your bath to a whole ‘nother level of relaxation. Bath and Body works has a great selection of good smelling bath products like their Eucalyptus Tea bubble bath and their Lavender Vanilla bath soak.

Whatever may be triggering your panic attacks, just know that you are NOT alone in this, although it may feel that way. Try to let the negativity escape you, and breathe in the positivity around you.



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