A Song of Ice and Fire

Having to wait an extra 3 months for my favorite show on the planet to start has been brutalI had forgotten what to do with my Sunday evenings for a while and the months of April and May just didn’t feel the same. We all wanted to see where this story goes and I don’t know about any other Game of Throne fan out there –  but I kinda feel exhausted from all of the excitement!

I woke up yesterday feeling overwhelmingly enthusiastic which led me to a GOT inspired look particularly because I’d been wanting to use my new Urban Decay Naked Heat palette – what better way to pay homage to the rightful ruler of the 7 kingdoms than using a palette that could reference the chick who was reborn from a fire wreckage and ashes like a freaking Phoenix? I also used a pigment from My Beauty Bar called Temptress – a pretty rusty red for a slight reference to the Red Witch.


Foundation/Concealer || Urban Decay Naked (7.0), Maybelline Age Rewind (Neutralizer)
Powders || Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette (Banana to highlight), NARS Pressed Powder (Beach)
Blush || MAC “Cheeky Bronze” MSF
Contour || ABH Contour Palette (Fawn + Havana & Java to deepen)
Highlight || SauceBox Cosmetics (Phoenix Kiss)

Kylie Lip Kit – Ginger


Brows || MAC Brow Pencil (Spiked)
Shadows || Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette [Crease – Sauced + Cayenne; Halo – En Fuego; Lid – My Beauty Bar Temptress Pigment with Scorched pressed on top; Lower Lash Line – En Fuego smudged with Cayenne + Temptress]

Liners || NYX liquid matte (wing); MAC Costa Riche Eye Kohl (water line)
Lashes || Divine Lash Co (Athena)

Season 6 left off without much of a cliffhanger so I’d spent the last 3 weeks talking about the anticipated premier with any GOT fan I could find. We left off seeing Khaleesi sailing across the Narrow Sea, John Snow back at Winterfell with Sansa and the Starks have regained foothold on their childhood home and that crazy b**** Cersei has crowned herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in light of her youngest son’s suicide. As with any amazing show, the writers typically know how to keep you going, but sometimes the writers really piss you off and take the opportunity to make the very first episode infuriatingly random. Although not much happened in this season premier – I LOVED it. It wasn’t exactly jam packed with action, but I think after 6 seasons, the viewer is always anticipating something. “Is my favorite character going to die right now? What sort of trouble is this person going to be in now? Will they get out of it?”… etc. I tend to watch the entire episode with a sense of suspense anyway. Even though nothing to allude to the outcome of this season revealed itself in the first 60 minutes of Season 7, I have mostly good things to say about it :

  • I really like how the season started with less addressed story lines – Arya is making her way back to King’s Landing to kill Cersei but stopped in the Riverlands for a brief visit and Bran has finally made it to the Wall
  • John Snow and his army in the North are preparing to defend against the coming winter, but have forgotten about the crazy ass B in the south
  • Cersei, as maniacal as ever, if not more – considers everyone around her a traitor yet she still thinks the iron throne belongs to her (I’m hoping that this means she’s weakened and that Arya or Jaime kills her offfff!! This is wishful thinking though – the writers know everyone wants her dead… they could use this as an opportunity to troll us all)
  • The Hound has found himself with the motley Lord of Light crew but has he come to the light after seeing icy visions in the flames?
  • Sam’s journey to become Grand Maester was REALLY creative on the director’s part – they showed us a glimpse into his daily life of cleaning chamber pots and gagging from the horrendous odors to serving and eating slosh that looked pretty similar to aforementioned contents, to studying and working in the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen and turned his daily grind into a really interesting cacophony.
    •  my FAVORITE part of this entire episode was when Sam was helping the Grand Maester perform an autopsy (I’m assuming it was an autopsy at least..), he asks for permission to the restricted area of the library for more research on the White Walkers because he’s seen them. The Grand Maester assures him that yes, it feels like the world is ending, but mankind has survived many wars and many winters and we will this time too. It was such a CURRENT and modern juxtaposition of respecting your elders who don’t see issues being as grave as they are in comparison to the youth who are seeing the consequences of our actions and what there is to come. Good job, writers!
  • Last, Daenerys has made it to Blackwater Bay and has finally made it to Dragonstone ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿฒ
  • Also – ED SHEERAN?!?!?!

Although nothing exciting, in terms of action, happened in this first episode – which honestly, I’m thankful for – the first episode calmly (except for when the King of the Friendzone sticks his stoney arm out to Sam asking if the Dragon Queen has made it – I actually screamed) lays the stories out for the viewer leaving me WANTING SO MUCH MORE! I’ve been waiting months for this new season, but I don’t know how I will be able to survive the 6 days between each episode.

Seven Blessings!


The Glam Greek

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