An Ode to the One Piece

Yesterday was Labor Day, we’re being promised a cool front here in Houston, and now that it’s 5 days into September – Halloween and Autumn decorations can be found EVERYWHERE. Makes me kinda sad…
I’m not a summer girl : my heart belongs to the cool, crisp mornings of fall, but Summer 2017 trends really had me in the feels. In particular, the sexy ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT!

Thanks to recent positive body image movements where more and more women are learning to love themselves despite socially instituted beauty expectations, gone are the days where we kill ourselves in the gym and starve our beautiful bodies to “look awesome” in a swimsuit. But let me tell you how thankful I am to the one piece swimsuit… I didn’t do 1000 ab exercises, I didn’t deprive myself of anything I wanted to eat, and I didn’t spend 2.5 hours on a cardio machine each day for 3 weeks prior to any of my beach body revealing events because the one piece is every girl’s answer to being unapologetic about not having washboard abs! Which are overrated anyway…

Here are a few of my favorite one piece swimsuits of 2017, and a few ways to style them for your next vacation because let’s face a few facts here:

  • one piece swimsuits are so hot, they’re here to stay
  • Summer in Texas isn’t just from May-August
  • just because summer is “over” doesn’t mean you could possibly take a tropical vacation sometime between now and next summer


This gorgeous aquamarine swim suit from Private Party makes me feel like a modern day nereid. The suit is cut high at the leg and low in the back, helping to elongate the legs and the torso. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the fabric is of great quality, so whether you decide to purchase this one or any of their other swimsuits, don’t fret too much over the initial sticker shock because this is a great addition to your summer wardrobe for many warm seasons to come. Pair with aviators, or sunnies with matching lenses like these from Quay Australia pictured below (similar pair here), a pair of statement earrings in a similar hue, plus a body highlighter on the legs and you’re ready to slay, the mermaid way.

This suit I also purchased last year, but it’s such a favorite of mine, I had to include it in my favorite one pieces again this year. I’m a firm believer that suits with underwires are more flattering thanks to the way they accentuate some of our best assets. I especially love the mesh panels adding a bit of flair for an otherwise “plain” black swimsuit. Pair with a bold, classic lip like a coral red, cute vacation-y statement earrings and some gladiator sandals for a classy beach look.


I noticed this swimsuit early on in the summer on the Asos website and knew I HAD to have it! I can’t remember the last time I owned a red swimsuit, but I’d been coveting one for ages so I added this to my cart as soon as they had it in stock. Thing to note about Asos swimsuits is to make sure you don’t need to wear it immediately. I originally ordered my standard size, but that was a little too small for comfort, so I returned and ordered a size up. Still too revealing. So I sent that back and ordered a size above that, and like Goldilocks – it was just right!! This is also cut high on the thigh, but this baby got back.

Sometimes the swimsuit section of Target makes my head hurt – but do not sleep on Target swimsuits! I originally hadn’t intended on buying any additional swimsuits this year especially after I snagged the gorgeous red number above. However, one evening, a friend invited us over to her house for an impromptu pool party and since I wasn’t home and making a pit stop home would ultimately decide my events for the night (a.k.a pajamas and Netflix), I stopped at Target. I didn’t even spend 5 minutes looking for a swimsuit, I just saw this black one piece and knew that it would have to work, and if it didn’t – I’d feign an illness, leave the party and return the swimsuit the next day. Much to my surprise, this suit fits SO amazing. The extra low back, the high cut on the thighs, and the thin straps make this one piece slinky and sexy. Also – never underestimate the power of a little peek of side-boob.


What makes me most sad about saying adieu to Summer 2017 is bidding farewell to (what I consider) the most flattering silhouettes and styles for the hot summer temperatures. Let’s hope that we take a page from this year’s trends and keep the flattering, body confidence inspiring #styleinspo for Summer 2018!


The Glam Greek

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