Mindy Kaling is my Spirit Animal & Other Good Reads

Summer in Houston lasts well past the first “official day of fall”, so with a not-so-hot front coming through this weekend, I felt that sharing my favorite reads from this past summer isn’t so out of date despite tomorrow being OCTOBER already!!

It feels so great out, it makes you want to sit outside on a patio to relax, maybe with a good book and some cafecito??

Free time to sit, relax and read is hard to come by, so I’m typically reading multiple books at once, and finish them 6 months later LOL!

Luckily, the summer is a perfect time for leisurely reading and I picked up a number of good books to read.

These books are GREAT for leisurely reading – they’ve got a good story line, they’re well written and they’re quick and easy to read!

  1. The Neapolitan Novels Elena Ferrante : you will probably see this series mentioned again on my blog because these books are AMAZING!!! 😍😍 Elena Ferrante is truly a gifted writer, sending you to a place that no one knows is real or based off her imagination – but regardless, she takes you to a fascinating place in Italy, and the characters are intriguing, crazy, enticing and keeps you wanting MORE! I recommend this series to EVERYONE!
  2. The Hunger Games Susanne Collins : you’ll find this in the Young Adult section next to other teenage angst novels, but despite the 10th grade reading level of this book, it’s easy and quick to read because of that factor! You’ll follow the female protagonist, in a dystopian society that sends children to a death match as entertainment for the rich and controlling capital, as enthralling and exciting and you will be rooting for her til the very end.
  3. Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur : disclaimer – you MUST get past the first section of this book, if you can’t get past the first section, you’ll stop before getting to sections II-IV and miss out on the talented writing style of Rupi Kaur!! The first section deals with some pretty heavy stuff, but is shared in a way that only Rupi Kaur knows how to do. Being a book of poems, this book took only a few hours to read and it was beautiful and glorious!
  4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns) Mindy Kaling : we’d probably be best friends in real life, and sharing her FOMO makes me feel better that I’m not alone in the world!!! In the introduction to this book, Mindy says that book is like a very long blog and should only take a couple days to read. She’s not lying! You can imagine her talking when you read this book, and it makes it that much better. It’s hilarious – I actually laughed out loud on a plane while I was reading, warranting strange looks from my neighbors since I had to put the book down and had my head thrown back in laughter – like that kind of funny. Just when I thought Mindy couldn’t be any more endearing, I read this and ask myself why we aren’t really bffs IRL…

Happy reading, loves!!


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