Pretty sure we’ve all been there – you’re getting ready for a dinner or a night out and you don’t know what to do with your makeup. You don’t want to do just your regular concealer, mascara and light powder because that’s M-F, 8-5 stuff.

You want to elevate your look but pulling out all your palettes is a hassle and you don’t exactly have all the time in the world to figure out which colors to use… should you do something more vibrant or keep it neutral… what lip color am I wearing… what outfit am I wearing!? WHAT DO YOU DO?!

If you don’t have a go-to smokey, shame on you! Just kidding 🙂 But you should!

This look is one that I learned back in my MAC days because it’s easy, you probably (or probably should) have these colors in your collection, it goes with any lip color (especially nudes/neutrals) and goes with any hair look or outfit; best part is if you mess up a little, the colors are all pretty close and neutral that it can hide most mishhaps. Also – it’s a smokey eye. It’s supposed to be a little messy, and a little sultry.


Shadows You’ll Need (all from MAC Cosmetics, & in the order of application):

  1. Texture
  2. Brown Script
  3. Folie
  4. Vanilla loose Pigment
  5. Vanilla (eyeshadow)
  6. Nylon


  • Do brows & prep lids
  • Using a fluffy brush like the 224 from MAC, apply Texture all through the crease
  • Using a dense fluffy brush like the 217 from MAC, apply Brown Script to the lower portion of your crease, careful not to go TOO high up on the brow bone
  • Still using the 217 brush, apply Folie to the outer crease
  • Using a flat shader brush like the MAC 239, apply Vanilla loose pigment by pressing the color onto the lid, and creating a subtle cut crease under Texture+BrownScript+Folie
  • Using a fluffier flat shader brush like the ELF eyeshadow brush, apply Vanilla (eyeshadow) to the brow bone, directly under the arch of the brow
  • Using a flat definer brush like the MAC 212, stamp Folie directly under the lower lashes and bring down as far as you’re comfortable
  • Going back with your 217 brush, still “dirty” with Brown Script, diffuse the darkness of Folie by swiping the brush back and forth under the lash line – this is KEY for accomplishing the smokey effect
  • Using a stiff blending brush, I really like the ELF blending brush for this particular step, apply Nylon in the inner corner.
  • Apply a dark reddish brown pencil eye liner like Costa Riche by MAC to the water line
  • Optional Apply liquid liner
  • Optional Apply false lashes
  • Apply mascara

And done!

These eyeshadows can be used in many different ways, so if these aren’t ones that you have yet… YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE!!

Happy Humpday


The Glam Greek

Missed out on the Milani sale earlier this month? Don’t fret, because this brand is as amazing and affordable as they come.

Little else excites me more than a GOOD, QUALITY, and AFFORDABLE makeup brand. I can find the need to buy makeup anywhere I’m at – whether it’s Walgreens or Nordstrom, if lost, you can pretty much 98% of the time find me in the cosmetics department. But little else disappoints me more than drugstore beauty duds. Those eyeshadow palettes that look so pretty in pan, then blend terribly; those lipsticks that feel more like slippery paint than a luscious lip color; those foundations that oxidize and splotch after 2-3 hours of wear.. the list of drugstore beauty finds gone wrong can go on.

But then there are the classics, that though they let you down once in a while, for the most part always seem to come in so clutch!

Milani has been around for a WHILE. I think their Baked Blush was one of my very first purchases from them after being recommended by a highly reputable Youtube guru (I’m thinking it might’ve been Marlena of MakeupGeek?). But since then had only ventured out of my comfort zone with the brand once or twice, trying out their pencil & liquid eyeliner, a couple of their lipsticks and glosses. But with NYX dominating the affordable/drugstore makeup world, Milani has been upping their game. So over this past summer, I accumulated a handful of their other products to see if they live up to their hype..

[I’m contemplating doing full reviews on the foundation and the lipsticks, if interested – please leave a comment!]
  • The first purchase was the Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer; a friend of mine had raved about it, and a foundation that cuts out a step in the glam process is what I’m all about! I liked it so much, I decided to continue expanding my collection
  • Next came the highlighters – another friend of mine used one of these highlighters on her daughter. I halfway blinded myself by looking too directly at the glow. For $11, I had to try these out. While at Walgreens though, I noticed this really pretty warm blush palette, so I threw that in my basket as well. The collection needed to keep growing!
  • Liquid lipsticks are my jam! They’re easy to apply, have longer staying power on average over a regular stick, and the colors come off much more vibrant. Since bright colored liquid lipsticks can sometimes have a splotchy formula, I didn’t want to risk too much (even though these are only $9), so I opted for 2 neutral colors
  • THEN I noticed they had METALLIC LIQUID LIPSTICKS!! *swoon* Considering I had already grabbed 2 neutral colors in their regular matte liquid lipstick formula, and I was so impressed by the wear, color pay off and formula; I decided to bet on a richer, brighter color like the one in the lower left corner in the picture above
  • The products listed above were so amazing, I decided to continue branching and grabbing a concealer/highlighter & their eyeshadow primer. After a couple uses, do I think they’re life-changing and revolutionary?? Not exactly, but for their price range, they are ROCKSTARS!

Milani products used as pictured above : Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer in Golden Tan, Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in Sunglow & Color Harmony Blush Palette in Berry Rays

Milani products used as pictured above : Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation + Concealer in Golden Tan, Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer in Light, & Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in Dayglow

Milani product used NOT pictured above : Amore Matte Lip Creme in Obsession

  • Foundation – wears very well and covers EVERYTHING. Redness, blemishes, discoloration – this foundation + concealer has got you covered… literally. It’s very thick, but doesn’t feel like a mask. Although, granted, it doesn’t feel light/airy either.
  • Highlighter – BEAUTIFUL!!! Probably my favorite Milani purchase so far. The pigmentation is incredible alone, but adding a little Fix + to your brush at application will help you be seen from outer space.
  • Blush – what can I say? Milani blushes are some of my all-time favorite, affordable cheek colors. I like these “sun-dial” type blushes in particular because the colors work together to give a gorgeous wash instead of “in-your-face”, loud color. I also think that the formula for this blush in particular helps to achieve the light “flushed” cheek look as well since the product isn’t too powdery, lessening the chance for user error
  • Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting concealer was strange. I found the formula and color to be GREAT! It blended underneath my eye area seamlessly, although I did have to work it a little; but what bugged me the most was the applicator… it was a sponge with a hole in the middle where the product dispenses from. The sponge was a little too hard to use for blending in, so I just applied the product straight to the areas I needed and blended it in with a separate Beauty Blender.
  • BUT THIS LIP COLOR THOUGH!!! I inadvertently found my lip color for this coming fall season. And for $9, this puppy stayed on for about 5 hours, and lasted through a traditional, greasy, messy Sunday-night football dinner of sliders and jalapeno poppers without smudging too much or giving that dreaded chola lip. It’s also a fairly moisturizing formula, so my lips didn’t appear cracked but the lipstick didn’t adhere to my cups or utensils too much either!

This tried and true brand is expanding their presence in the makeup world, and their research & development team is making sure they’re not getting left behind in the dust. Their products are amazing, as they’ve pretty much always been. If you’re looking to try out new makeup products, Milani is the way to go as their products are affordable, good quality and will keep you on trend.


The Glam Greek

I don’t care what anyone says – back to school is exciting! 🍎✏️📚 I understand it can be a bit of a drag, but think of all the new school supplies, the new pieces for your wardrobe (!!!), getting to see all your friends again, everyone (including parents) getting back into a routine, and if you’re of age, it’s a good excuse to beg your parents to help spot you some money alongside your babysitting earnings for makeup for the new school year!

Taking into consideration how much time you’ll be giving yourself each morning to prepare for the day, here’s a few tips and a before and after of my muse, Dena, for a fresh and light back-to-school look!

Always start by washing your face! Your skin at this age is BEAUTIFUL, young and supple. If you invest more in how you clean and take care of your skin and the less makeup you’ll have to use.

Skin Prep

• Rodan + Fields Soothe or Unblemish Regimen – start with the cleanser, tone, treat and apply moisturizer with SPF

• PRIME! this will help your makeup stay on longer, and when school starts at 730, add in extracurricular activities, this step is essential to an all day face. For Dena, I used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – great for combination/oily skin types. Apply with fingers.


Typically when doing a full face, I like to start with the eyes. But for everyday makeup, starting with the face is good in case you run out of time, at least you’ll have any discoloration covered and can jet out the door. Seeing as young skin is beautiful and you’ll be wearing makeup for a long day, wearing something light like a tinted moisturizer is ideal – I recommend the Nars or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizers. Or if you prefer fuller coverage, I really like using MAC Studio Fix fluid – pay the extra $10 for a pump, and mix with your favorite moisturizer to sheer out the coverage. Here I mixed one pump of MAC Studio Fix Fluid with a touch of MAC Strobe Cream to keep the coverage light & fresh. Use a beauty blender to apply all over the face, including under eye area.


One of my most tragic makeup mistakes in my younger years was not doing my eyebrows. Now that thick brows are in and plucking is out – I always like to start with these bad boys first. As mentioned before, if you’ve only got a few minutes before the bus leaves – brush through your brows with a good, tinted brow gel to tame and fill.

If you have about 15-20 minutes :

• brush A tinted brow gel through the brows – I used NYX tinted brow gel for my model

• apply a shadow primer or cream shadow – I absolutely LOVE MAC Soft Ochre or Painterly Paint Pots. Either are great on their own or applied under shadows to prevent creasing. This can be applied with the fingers or a fluffy blending brush.

• invest in a good neutral palette – the Urban Decay Heat palette has become an essential and warm toned colors are complimentary to all skin tones for any season. For an everyday look:

1. apply a shade just a touch darker than your natural skin tone in the crease (like Sauced) with a fluffy blending brush like the MAC 217

2. apply a light creamy shade to the lid (like Chaser) with a flat shader brush like the MAC 242

3. apply a light, soft shimmery shade (like Ounce) over an off-white shimmery pencil like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt to the inner corner of the eye with a pencil brush like the MAC 219

4. apply a dark brown shadow (like Ashes) along the top lash line in place of a pencil or liquid liner for a more natural looking liner, use a flat defined brush like the MAC 212

5. (*optional) apply a nude eyeliner like Rimmel London’s Kohl Kajal liner in Nude to the water line to create big, open, awake & sweet doe eyes

6. Apply favorite mascara! Here I used L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

The rest of the face

I really like an angled blush brush, like the MAC 168, to apply blush and bronzer. Taking the very edge of the brush, apply a light bronzer like MAC’s Give Me Sun to the perimeters of the face and directly under the cheek bones. Then taking the flatter side of the brush, apply a peachy blush color like MAC’s Peaches lightly to the apples of the cheeks. Finish with MACs Soft n Gentle at the tops of the cheek bones, nose & Cupid’s bow for a bit of glow, using a fan brush like the MAC 187.


I know many young girls prefer to not use lip products, so either finish off with your favorite chap stick or lip gloss. For my model, I used MAC’s lipstick in Lovelorn. It’s a “lustre” finish which means it’s creamy, moisturizing, gives of a bit of a shiny finish and comes off very sheer. It’s a beautiful light pink color but doesn’t come off too crazy, so it’s like your lips – but better!


This face is simple, easy and the ENTIRE process including eyes should only take about 20 minutes.

What are your favorite products for a quick morning look?


The Glam Greek

One of the many “perks” of being Latina/Mediterranean is long, luscious, full head of hair, thick brows… perpetual leg 5 o’clock shadow, constant bikini waxes, and don’t plan on wearing a tank top if you haven’t shaved your underarms in the last 13 hours.

My parents are pretty old school and didn’t allow me to attend to my fuzzy issues until well into middle school, and even then, not really. I remember just thinking that shaving your legs was my only issue, until one day in 8th grade someone who I considered my friend told another friend that I had gorilla arms. *ouch* kids are mean.

The Glam Greek hair removal falls into the following categories:

  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Hands (knuckles)
  • Bikini Line
  • Brows
  • Upper Lip


The last 3 from the list above I do not entrust in myself, but I still start each hair removal process (between 12-24 hours prior to my appointment, if applicable) with a good exfoliator.

It’s super important to start with a light scrub to prep and maintain smooth skin, because dull skin ain’t cute and you’ll get a closer shave or wax when your skin isn’t covered in dead skin cells.

2 exfoliators I constantly have on hand :

  1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub – my favorite for body. The particles are just a little bit larger and don’t melt as fast as other sugar based scrubs. I have major issues with ingrown hairs along the back of my legs, bikini line and the hair around my elbows. This is the only scrub that does wonders at tackling this issue. It’s also infused with luscious body oils to keep your skin glowy and soft. My best friend, Nikki introduced me to this gem this past Christmas and you can find it at Ulta.
  2. Rodan + Fields Microdermabrasion Paste – THIS! I use this about 3-4x a week on my face, a little on my neck and on my heels. If you have back acne or want to shave or wax your chest or back, this scrub is perfect as the particles are much smaller and is great for sensitive skin, especially the face. It’s infused with Vitamin C and essential oils to keep your skin ultra glowy and soft. You can find it on the Rodan + Fields website, but better through your nearest R+F consultant (*ahem* Me!!)

Good Blades

Gone are the days of the 2 blade Bic™ razors my mom handed over to me when learning how to shave. As with anything, a good investment will last you a very long time. I learned from early on, cheap blades will give you a cheap (and painful) shave. I swear by my Gillette for Women 4 blade razor, and buy packs of 6 refill blades about every 2 months. You should only use your razor about 5-7 times before switching out to avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs and for that close, smooth shave.

Shaving Creams/Lotion

Just as important as the blades – a good, moisturizing lotion or cream can mean a world of difference between smooth, hair free skin and itchy, razor burn laden redness. If I’m on a tight budget, I’ll use Barbasol’s men’s shave cream – it’s an OG, only like $3 and if it’s good enough for a man’s face, it’s good enough for our legs, ladies! If I’m feeling luxurious, I use Lovewinx Bodisilk. It’s not super foamy like your standard shave cream, but I feel like I can see the spots I miss from using a shave cream. And it makes your skin feels SO SMOOTH!

Everything Else

Once I heard that my “friend” said I had gorilla arms, I got home from school and went straight to the bathroom. It was then that I learned that nothing is worse than ARM stubble 😫🙈

Depilatory creams are where it’s at! The Sally Hansen Spray On cream is my favorite for the least mess and best ease of use, but I have to use this bad boy usually twice to get everything off. The Jolen Facial Hair Removal Kit is powerful, yet good for sensitive skin. The only con to you have to mix the stuff yourself and apply with an itty bitty spatula. Not ideal for the whole arms… but c’est la vie quand tu êtes une bête

The Sally Hansen wax strips for face & bikini is ideal for unwanted knuckle hair (don’t act like you don’t have any!)

All the methods listed above are ideal for an at-home spa night! But for everything else, and if you can afford it, I recommend threading for anything neck & above. Wax is often times very harsh for our sensitive and fragile facial skin. And plus – those threading ladies know their way around a brow that wax just can’t give.

Waxing – I have a love/hate relationship with this bad boy. It’s such a popular method because despite the pain, it’s quick. Only issue is that you have to let the hair grow quite long. I like to recommend wax for the bikini area and sometimes for the underarms during the cool months.

I’d like to tell my 8th grade self – gorilla arms and all –

if it was not supposed to be there
would not be growing
on our bodies in the first place
– rupi kaur


the Glam Greek


Y’all, it is TUESDAY and I’m still reeling over Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Like, WHAT?! My adrenaline pumps every time I think about it, we’ve watched the episode twice, and the battle scene three times because IT’S. JUST. THAT GOOD.

Before I begin bursting at the seams from the excitement of this episode – ever since Game of Thrones came back on, my thoughts are filled with (& my time is spent doing) little else besides GOT theories and discussion on where this show is heading based off prophecies and foreshadowing from previous episodes! So naturally if my thoughts are filled with much else than GOT, some of my makeup looks have been inspired by the show as well. Sooo geeky right? Whatever – je m’en fous!

I brought the Lit Cosmetics glitter in Magic Dragon into my arsenal quite a while ago, and though I’ve have had plenty of ideas on different looks to use it with, I’d just never actually got to it. Here’s the thing – glitter is my favorite color and all, but it’s messy and you have to really have patience to use it. And most days I’m trying my best to keep it quick. Perhaps because this was my last weekend in the States before leaving for Greece, and since I usually do most of my more elaborate painting on Saturday/Sunday but won’t be home for the next 2 – I felt really, REALLY compelled to pull out Magic Dragon for Game of Thrones day.

And BOOYYYYY, it was like I knew what this episode had in store! (and no, I was not aware of the HBO hack)

We are over half way through this abbreviated season (*tear*), and this season’s been all about the family reunions! Meera leaves an ungrateful and awkward Bran to return to her family before the frozen undead come, Arya returns to Winterfell to be with her siblings who’ve all had some EFFED up stuff happen to them over the years, shows off her AMAZING water dancing skills, Theon arrives back at Dragonstone and Jon greets him SO warmly, but my favorite had to have been when Tyrion reunites with his Lannister fam – from afar.

I’m not an action movie kind of girl. Battle scenes/violence gives me way too much more anxiety than I can really handle and I just want to know if my favorite people continue to live – which in the GOT world, is truly an emotional rollercoaster and quite the gamble. But hearing the terrifying war cry of the Dothraki horde over the horizon, the thundering gallop of all their horses, and then seeing a shrieking Drogon appear out of the clouds all while the Lannister army scurries around in feigned military courage – I. WAS. SHOOK.

FINALLY, the Mother of Dragons show off her babies! And them Dothraki jumping on top of their moving beasts… Y’all – can someone get me a fan.


Foundation/Concealer || 2 pumps Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (6.5) + 1 pump Becca Ultimate Coverage (Fawn); Maybelline Age Rewind (neutralizer)
Powders || Chanel Transluscent (2o Clair -1) to highlight; Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue (60)
Blush || Milani Luminoso
Contour || Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation Stick (Walnut); MAC Blunt
Highlight || Ofra Cosmetics x NikkieTutorials (Everglow)


Brows || Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (Chocolate)
Crease || Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca (fran + analogue)
Outer Crease || KVD Mi Vida Loca (xon + black metal)
Inner Corner & Brow Highlight || Ofra Cosmetics x NikkieTutorials (Everglow)
Lid || MAC Smolder eye pencil smudged + Lit Cosmetics (Magic Dragon) pressed on top w/ Fix + Spray
Water line || MAC Chromaline (Landscrape Green)
Under Eye || KVD Mi Vida Loca (vinyl + misfit, black metal + lemmy)
Liner || Kat Von D (trooper)
Lashes || Ardell Faux Mink (#810)
Mascara || MAC In Extreme Dimension


Milani Liquid Lipstick (Pretty) + Kylie Metallic Lip (Heir)

Still figuring out how I got through 13 months without Game of Thrones because the 6 days between episodes tears me apart. Who else is a Game of Thrones fan out there??


The Glam Greek