Well, we’ve made it to the second weekend of 2018, y’all!

If you’ve never had a hangover before, I’d say the first 10 days succeeding the holidays is much like one – your head (and everything else on your body) hurts, you’re trying to get back into the groove of day-to-day life while feeling bloated and gassy from all of the alcohol, carbs and calories and telling yourself that you’ll never celebrate the holidays so hard again.

The past few years I personally have not been able to bounce right back into the swing of things on January 1st, and this year was definitely no different especially in the fact that I made the genius decision to move New Year’s Eve weekend. I was adamant in starting the New Year in my new place but had little plan of how I would do that. So I called the movers, got my bed and night-stand over and would figure out how to haul the rest. Although it was a hectic time to make the move, I’m so happy that I’m writing my first post of this year from my new digs!

This year’s NYE was chill AF, but spent away from my fam! Being a minority means that your holidays MUST be spent with your family. But what if you’re brought up in the States and are 28 years old? Yeah, I wanted to spend it out with my friends for once, ya know?

Here’s the thing though – my friends are chill AF, and it was a glorified lounge fest which I LOVED because I wore heels, but I didn’t really have to wear them.

And then we had a photo shoot, because they’re my friends and we’re kinda cute!

Even though it was chill af, I obviously made sure I dressed & glammed up extra AF. If there were ever a time to stay true to my Glam Greek self, it’s the holidays.

I paired my favorite holiday sweatshirt with a white beanie with gold metallic stitching together with a gold sequined skirt & red heels to coordinate with this gorgeous red lipstick by MAC called “Fashion Legacy”. I wanted to bring in 2018 as stylish as ever to bring in a stylish New Year. I completed my look with a gold smokey eye using the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette which I’m LOVING! (review coming soon)

I’ve had a pretty hectic start to 2018, and actually am spending this second weekend of the year fighting off a nasty sinus infection. But just because the start of this year hasn’t been what I expected, neither is life, it doesn’t mean it won’t be stellar. 2018 is going to be a good year, y’all, I can feel it.

Hugs, kisses, and best wishes for 2018!!

All my love,

The Glam Greek

Hoping everyone had an amazing holiday season! I can’t believe it’s already coming to an end. No matter how hectic and stressful it can be, it’s always such a magical time and when it’s all over – it’s such a void!

This year’s holiday season has been quite the test for me. There’s been a lot of changes and a lot more to come, but I’ve been able to enjoy it as much as possible because come 2018 – there are plenty of amazing things in store!

This jumpsuit from A Thinking Boutique has been the It-Piece of my wardrobe this season, and seasons to come! It’s perfectly lightweight and the burgundy color goes with anything holiday, or even into early Spring with the perfect rose gold accessories.


For the Christmas AHEPA dinner I paired this gorgeous jumpsuit with a warm, glittery eye and a deep red lip. Because who doesn’t love a deep red lip for the holidays??


Foundation : Urban Decay Naked 7.5
Highlight : Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Neutralizer
Setting Powders : Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder under the eyes; Laura Mercier Translucent Powder all over the face
Contour : MAC blush in “Blunt”
Blush : “Warm Soul” by MAC
Highlight : “Mary-Lou Manizer” by The Balm Cosmetics


“Misconduct” by Smashbox Cosmetics


Brows : Benefit Ka-Brow! Cream Eyebrow Gel Color in “5”
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette
Crease : “Eden”
Lower Crease : “Blazing”
Outer Crease : “Oud” + “Saffron”
Lid : “Nefertiti” + “Angelic”. “Festive” glitter by Lit Cosmetics pressed on top
Liner : Kat Von D “Trooper”
Lashes : Vegas Nay by Eylure “Fiercely Fabulous”

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!
Love you all!



The Glam Greek

I blinked on October 31st, and now we’re already at the beginning of December. What!?

October and November this year – 2 of my 3 favorite months! – were 2 of the worst on record in 2017. Worst is quite the exaggeration, so I’ll retract that and just say that they freaking blew… Tough situations within the Greek community, and when you have friends that you’re so close to that they’re basically family go through something tough, it effects you too!… My best friend moved to Colorado… those things and more that just made the last 2 months feel like a never ending rainy season of facing very adult situations. Life came barreling at me.

But with all the rain, came some good. If it doesn’t rain, then we don’t grow. God’s timing of things is NEVER random. You do not go through tough times without God’s light eventually shining through and giving you a rainbow.

I have nothing but excitement for the future now, which, is a very calming feeling for someone who has a LOT of anxiety. I get caught up in what the future may hold and forget to stop and focus on what I can control in this exact moment. (I see myself doing MUCH yoga to keep myself grounded, especially with my knee feeling better with each passing day – holla!)

Granted, I took an EPIC trip to Europe that I’ll never forget and cherish forever, which was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy season in my life. (which I’ll FINALLY get to in December! so PLEASE stay tuned!). The future has so much more in store for me, and with that, I can enter this last month of 2017 with a better attitude and maybe even lose my superstition of odd number years (more on that another time).

Dress : Lulu’s

Bag : Asos
Shoes : Target
Earrings : Kendra Scott – similar style here


My life just started blooming.

The Glam Greek

Yesterday was Labor Day, we’re being promised a cool front here in Houston, and now that it’s 5 days into September – Halloween and Autumn decorations can be found EVERYWHERE. Makes me kinda sad…
I’m not a summer girl : my heart belongs to the cool, crisp mornings of fall, but Summer 2017 trends really had me in the feels. In particular, the sexy ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT!

Thanks to recent positive body image movements where more and more women are learning to love themselves despite socially instituted beauty expectations, gone are the days where we kill ourselves in the gym and starve our beautiful bodies to “look awesome” in a swimsuit. But let me tell you how thankful I am to the one piece swimsuit… I didn’t do 1000 ab exercises, I didn’t deprive myself of anything I wanted to eat, and I didn’t spend 2.5 hours on a cardio machine each day for 3 weeks prior to any of my beach body revealing events because the one piece is every girl’s answer to being unapologetic about not having washboard abs! Which are overrated anyway…

Here are a few of my favorite one piece swimsuits of 2017, and a few ways to style them for your next vacation because let’s face a few facts here:

  • one piece swimsuits are so hot, they’re here to stay
  • Summer in Texas isn’t just from May-August
  • just because summer is “over” doesn’t mean you could possibly take a tropical vacation sometime between now and next summer


This gorgeous aquamarine swim suit from Private Party makes me feel like a modern day nereid. The suit is cut high at the leg and low in the back, helping to elongate the legs and the torso. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the fabric is of great quality, so whether you decide to purchase this one or any of their other swimsuits, don’t fret too much over the initial sticker shock because this is a great addition to your summer wardrobe for many warm seasons to come. Pair with aviators, or sunnies with matching lenses like these from Quay Australia pictured below (similar pair here), a pair of statement earrings in a similar hue, plus a body highlighter on the legs and you’re ready to slay, the mermaid way.

This suit I also purchased last year, but it’s such a favorite of mine, I had to include it in my favorite one pieces again this year. I’m a firm believer that suits with underwires are more flattering thanks to the way they accentuate some of our best assets. I especially love the mesh panels adding a bit of flair for an otherwise “plain” black swimsuit. Pair with a bold, classic lip like a coral red, cute vacation-y statement earrings and some gladiator sandals for a classy beach look.


I noticed this swimsuit early on in the summer on the Asos website and knew I HAD to have it! I can’t remember the last time I owned a red swimsuit, but I’d been coveting one for ages so I added this to my cart as soon as they had it in stock. Thing to note about Asos swimsuits is to make sure you don’t need to wear it immediately. I originally ordered my standard size, but that was a little too small for comfort, so I returned and ordered a size up. Still too revealing. So I sent that back and ordered a size above that, and like Goldilocks – it was just right!! This is also cut high on the thigh, but this baby got back.

Sometimes the swimsuit section of Target makes my head hurt – but do not sleep on Target swimsuits! I originally hadn’t intended on buying any additional swimsuits this year especially after I snagged the gorgeous red number above. However, one evening, a friend invited us over to her house for an impromptu pool party and since I wasn’t home and making a pit stop home would ultimately decide my events for the night (a.k.a pajamas and Netflix), I stopped at Target. I didn’t even spend 5 minutes looking for a swimsuit, I just saw this black one piece and knew that it would have to work, and if it didn’t – I’d feign an illness, leave the party and return the swimsuit the next day. Much to my surprise, this suit fits SO amazing. The extra low back, the high cut on the thighs, and the thin straps make this one piece slinky and sexy. Also – never underestimate the power of a little peek of side-boob.


What makes me most sad about saying adieu to Summer 2017 is bidding farewell to (what I consider) the most flattering silhouettes and styles for the hot summer temperatures. Let’s hope that we take a page from this year’s trends and keep the flattering, body confidence inspiring #styleinspo for Summer 2018!


The Glam Greek

Who here really enjoys sports?

Good! I’m glad! That makes one of us.

I’m not really a sportsing kinda gal. I sure as hell never played any myself. I’m not athletic in terms of contact sports, but we can definitely choreograph something and grand jete all day if you’d like? Growing up, my dad never really played or watched anything except for soccer which I guess never quite exposed me into this grand love of sports that most American children seem to have. Plus, he’s always had some really colorful words about American sports and especially about the Houston sports teams. But he’s not even from around here, so I’ve never taken him too seriously.

I think organized sports are great for team building when you’re in your young formative ages, and when the athletes really play for the love of the sport. However, fast forward to the major leagues and after years of studying & keeping up with socioeconomic issues and trends across the globe, I find out how much these players’ contracts are to join the majors – $78 million, $170 MILLION – and I can’t help but think of all the children especially that could be using that money. I find it stingy and selfish. Sure these athletes use it sometimes for charities and events and give back to their communities sometimes… but it’s not like they’re living in small apartments, driving Hondas and staying in on the weekends drinking boxed wine?

But I digress!!

I can’t deny how much fun a night out to go watch a sports game is. And really, it’s one of my FAVORITE date nights! Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, if you look at a sports game like a choreographed dance, you really have it all right at your finger tips – dinner and a show! Even better – most stadiums tend to be in the heart of the city or the property around it is a land mine of cool happenings so that patrons of the sporting event can continue their fun (and buzz) elsewhere close-by!

You don’t necessarily even have to wear a sports jersey to a sporting event – especially when you only feel lukewarm about those who are playing! I like to wear the team colors and glam it up slightly with a nice pair of sandals or a pair of statement earrings and always remember to wear comfortable shoes. Stadiums are LARGE and in Houston – you’re probably parking a couple blocks away!

Friday nights are the best nights to go, next to dollar hot dog nights on Wednesday, for their firework show immediately following the game – win or lose! Minute Maid Park – the home of the Astros – has an open roof stadium, but since it’s so damn hot here it’s closed most of the time. But it opens wide to expose the sky & ensuing pyro show on Friday nights after the end of the 9th inning. Their firework shows aren’t like, the best synced with their music most of the time, but who doesn’t like pyrotechnics regardless if it’s synced up right to a stellar soundtrack. (This show pictured above was my favorite – Game of Thrones themed!!! *geeks out*)

Post game, head down to Main Street and beyond into the heart of the city for a drink or two at the bars riddled downtown for your taking. The walk there is half the fun, and if you leave during the pyro show, your walk is accompanied by 1. less people and 2. fireworks!! Que romantico!! But also, downtown has so many gems tucked away in places you can’t see unless you truly look for them. And it’s downtown Houston, y’all – be aware of your surroundings. Look up – and you’ll find this hilarious street lamp flag paying homage to Houston rapper, Fat Pat. Look side to side and you’ll find beautiful wall murals.

Turn your date night into an opportunity to date and explore your city. And if you’re ever in Houston – turn it into an opportunity to explore all she has to offer.


The Glam Greek