Kalo Mina!! The first day of a new month is always really exciting, but the first day of a new October?!? Y’all.

Here’s a list of reasons why October is the best out of all the other 12 months of the year (no offense to anyone!! But these are the hard facts) :

  1. The weather in Houston gets consistently better – we may not cool off completely, and there can be high humidity days well into “fall” but we do get more “cool” fronts coming though promising for drier air, which paired with dropped temperatures is BAE.
    • Good weather also subsequently means great hair and makeup days, and getting to wear cute semi-fall outfits without melting
  2. Greek Festival is always the first full weekend of October.
  3. It’s Festival season – Turkish Festival, the Italian Festival, Bayou City Art Festival…
  4. It’s wedding season for this usually stifling hot city
  5. Princess Maria day falls around the 3rd weekend of the month

This first day of October is also extra special this year as it’s officially one month post op! I hit 4 weeks this past Friday. I can’t say it’s been the easiest of journeys, but I’m walking better, quicker, and faster; swelling has gone down a lot compared to the first couple of weeks after my surgery, and I’m feeling better walking in other shoes besides sneakers!! When this is all said and done, I think I’ll miss having a good excuse to wear sneakers with all my dresses all the time.

Having had ACL surgery years ago, I was expecting a meniscectomy to be a walk in the park in comparison. Having ACL reconstruction was definitely a huge challenge for me, putting me out of commission for dancing or really much physical activity for about 6 months. Being the echelon for what I’d consider a knee surgery to be like, plus my doctor and nurses making meniscus surgery out to sound like nothing considering recovery is only about 4-6 weeks and you can bear weight on it immediately post op, I seriously was expecting to rebound within no time at all. Having my standards set pretty high for where I’d be at this point, and not be there has been rough.

I knew I had to change my expectations and my outlook otherwise this was going to be a ridiculously long journey without the right mindset.

Earrings – Free People 

It’s tough not being able to be as active as I want to be, but being a month post op already and feeling great, I know in due time I WILL be back to working out, wearing heels and DANCING!

Probably just in time for Princess Maria Day!

Bardot, black/white striped, bodycon dress – Express Denim Jacket – H&M Black/white Superstars – Adidas (obvi)

Wishing you all a wonderful and super fun, October!!



The Glam Greek

Summer in Houston lasts well past the first “official day of fall”, so with a not-so-hot front coming through this weekend, I felt that sharing my favorite reads from this past summer isn’t so out of date despite tomorrow being OCTOBER already!!

It feels so great out, it makes you want to sit outside on a patio to relax, maybe with a good book and some cafecito??

Free time to sit, relax and read is hard to come by, so I’m typically reading multiple books at once, and finish them 6 months later LOL!

Luckily, the summer is a perfect time for leisurely reading and I picked up a number of good books to read.

These books are GREAT for leisurely reading – they’ve got a good story line, they’re well written and they’re quick and easy to read!

  1. The Neapolitan Novels Elena Ferrante : you will probably see this series mentioned again on my blog because these books are AMAZING!!! 😍😍 Elena Ferrante is truly a gifted writer, sending you to a place that no one knows is real or based off her imagination – but regardless, she takes you to a fascinating place in Italy, and the characters are intriguing, crazy, enticing and keeps you wanting MORE! I recommend this series to EVERYONE!
  2. The Hunger Games Susanne Collins : you’ll find this in the Young Adult section next to other teenage angst novels, but despite the 10th grade reading level of this book, it’s easy and quick to read because of that factor! You’ll follow the female protagonist, in a dystopian society that sends children to a death match as entertainment for the rich and controlling capital, as enthralling and exciting and you will be rooting for her til the very end.
  3. Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur : disclaimer – you MUST get past the first section of this book, if you can’t get past the first section, you’ll stop before getting to sections II-IV and miss out on the talented writing style of Rupi Kaur!! The first section deals with some pretty heavy stuff, but is shared in a way that only Rupi Kaur knows how to do. Being a book of poems, this book took only a few hours to read and it was beautiful and glorious!
  4. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns) Mindy Kaling : we’d probably be best friends in real life, and sharing her FOMO makes me feel better that I’m not alone in the world!!! In the introduction to this book, Mindy says that book is like a very long blog and should only take a couple days to read. She’s not lying! You can imagine her talking when you read this book, and it makes it that much better. It’s hilarious – I actually laughed out loud on a plane while I was reading, warranting strange looks from my neighbors since I had to put the book down and had my head thrown back in laughter – like that kind of funny. Just when I thought Mindy couldn’t be any more endearing, I read this and ask myself why we aren’t really bffs IRL…

Happy reading, loves!!


The Glam Greek

It’s a Thursday afternoon, it’s been a long week – you’re looking for a good happy hour. Or maybe you and your guy are looking for a good date night option that doesn’t include the run of the mill dinner & a movie. Houston has so many fun things to do and so many great happy hours, but this one for me, takes the cake.

When I say I ADORE museums, it’s not an understatement – name a museum and I’ll go and have an amazing time. I’m a sponge for knowledge and if being a scholar were a rational and affordable way to make a living, I’d be reading and expanding my horizons right now. Alas, this isn’t Europe during the Renaissance, and I’m not a male… but museums are the way to my heart, especially art museums.

My favorite in ALL of Houston is the Museum of Fine Arts. They constantly have amazing exhibits come through, more often than not, they have multiple exhibits from out of town at once; and even their regular collection has some INCREDIBLE pieces by European artists like Rembrandt, Francisco de Goya and Theodore Rousseau, amongst many others from all over the world, that you can only see here. They have artifacts, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and even a film collection – oftentimes foreign, which. I. LOVE!!!

Anytime someone asks what there is to do in Houston, I always recommend MFAH because besides housing fascinating pieces of art, it’s located in the Montrose District – within walking distance to Hermann Park, the Museum of Natural Science plus a large number of other museums, the Miller Outdoor Theater, Rice University, the University of St. Thomas, Hotel Zaza, the Houston Zoo; it’s a short uber ride away from cafes, bars, and restaurants off of Montrose, Westheimer or Midtown, and there’s a Houston Metrorail station RIGHT next to the museum, taking you into downtown if you’re looking to do more exploring.

And if you’re in town on a Thursday? You’re in luck. The Museum of Fine arts is free general admission (does not apply to ticketed exhibits or events) all day, and food trucks for your lunch time enjoyment. But if it’s after work where you’re looking for a good and cultured time, stop by between 5-8 p.m.!!

A bar featuring wines, beers and a handful of craft cocktails just for the occasion

A DJ for your listening pleasure

Outdoor seating to enjoy the evening weather as an escape from the usual Houston heat or when the weather gets better (getting close to this time of year), Houstonians flock to patios like white on rice.

Forgo the usual sit down 2-3 course meal between you and your company, and just grab a quick bite to eat along with your beverage of choice. The proprietor and pizzaiolo of this particular truck, came out and said hi to Bae & I and we chatted for a while. He went on to tell us that he’s originally from Rome, moved to New York but fell in love with Houston’s lifestyle – there’s something for EVERYONE! Smart guy, and AMAZING pizza. MFAH usually features different food trucks, but this one is on the rotation every couple of months.

Once you’re liquored up, belly full and feeling fine, head into the museum from 8-9 p.m. to check out an exhibit or their home collection, then ride-share to a nearby bar (suggestions – La Grange or Rosemont rooftop options!) and talk about what you’ve seen.

It’s a fun and exciting way to start your weekend antics. Happy Friday Jr!


The Glam Greek

I sit here writing looking out my window to beautiful sunshine, thinking back to this time last week we were surrounded by purple-grey skies and the entire city pockets of islands and most areas under water. My heart aches thinking back to what has happened here only a short 5 days ago. You never think something of this capacity could happen in your own backyard – in your own hometown. These past few days of recovery – flooring, carpets and the damaged furniture left on the sides of the road, the stench the filthy waters left behind (a minor yet equally large and disgusting side effect), over 500,000 vehicles damaged, thousands of damaged homes and thousands upon thousands of displaced people and pets – making this one of the costliest disasters in U.S. and certainly the costliest in Texas history.

But the love that this city, and this entire STATE has shown the world, brings me to (the happiest of) tears. People of different colors, sexual orientations, and political affiliations coming together to bring complete strangers into their homes as an escape from the rain and rising waters, if they had a boat – helped evacuate people without discrimination. We, as Texans, have shown the rest of the country and the rest of the world what it means to be truly united and what unification can accomplish.

Not only did Texans show their truest colors in the midst of the most chaotic part of this disaster, but we continue to show our pride and our love for our neighbors through this time by donating our time and our money to help those who continue to be in need.

If you’re reading this from a different city or a different state or even a different country – there are things you can do to help! The easiest being texting Harvey to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. This can help all Texans, especially those in Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, Port Arthur and Beaumont who’ve also endured some of the worst aftermath of this awful storm. But if you’re wanting to keep the donations local, here are a few of my suggestions :

  • Donate to the Houston SPCA  or Houston PetSet – the Houston SPCA is a huge help to this city’s displaced and stray animals, and there’s no doubt that plenty of four legged creatures are as in much need as their humans!
  • Starting out with a goal of $200,000, the Texans mega-star and heart throb, JJ Watt has now raised over $18 MILLION. And we know this will go to helping those in our own backyard. If you’re interested in seeing how much this charity can raise – go to the Houston Flood Relief Fund and donate whatever you can!
  • Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund – an online donation portal through the City of Houston
  • Donate to the Houston Diaper Bank – babies are expensive, and we KNOW that they need diapers on diapers on diapers. Lend a helping hand by donating to this fund or pick up a few packs of diapers on your way to a shelter (dont forget tampons and pads as well!). These little absorbing tools mean more to so many people than we could imagine.
  • Donate clothing, blankets, towels, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, and non-perishable food items to plenty of different places – especially food to the Houston Food Bank. But so many places are over capacity of items that have been donated, check out Swamplot to see the donation centers in your area and what they are accepting and what they are in need of
  • VOLUNTEER – at this point, shelters have also reached capacity to how many volunteers they are accepting, but there are so many more people that could use the help to clear out their flooded homes and businesses. Swamplot is also a great resource to see who could use volunteers to help clear out aforementioned homes and businesses!
  • There are also plenty of small businesses and other companies who are donating all their proceeds to local charities just by hitting “Add to Cart”. Snag some dope AF Houston/Texas swag and give to a good cause by checking out the following tshirts :

With so many ways to help – if I wasn’t proud to be a Texan before, there are so many reasons that Texas is, and always will be the greatest State in the Union.

You may all go to hell, I will go to Texas

  • Davy Crockett


The Glam Greek

Well… It’s been quite the eventful week. Which is great for being the week back from Greece, since it keeps my mind off my broken heart. But never had I had a hurricane to distract me from the “Back from the Motherland Blues”.

For my readers from other parts of the country, and my international readers as well who may be seeing Texas and this huge storm on the news – here’s the thing about hurricanes:

  • They’re unpredictable.
    • From the moment they form off the coast of Africa; they can dissipate, they can gain strength, they can go any which way. And even when they’re in the gulf and threatening our well-being, they can even break apart and become nothing as it makes landfall.
  • Once they’re in the Gulf and they start gaining strength, there’s little time for truly adequate preparation
  • Each hurricane season is different
    • you can have 3 named storms or you can get 16. All 3 could make landfall and all 16 could never come near land
  • There are Tropical Storms and there are Hurricanes
    • Storms become hurricanes based on their wind speeds but both are storms fueled by warm tropical waters and can pack a mean punch in terms of wind, rain, storm surge and tornadoes
  • The east side of the storm is the worst, packing the brunt of the winds and rain

Here’s the thing about THIS hurricane :

  • we haven’t had a named storm this large in the Gulf of Mexico posing itself as an actual threat to the coast in about TEN years
  • Almost every warning prior to this storm in the past 10 years has posed to be little more than false alarms
  • We’ve had catastrophic flooding due to random rainstorms but not a named storm since Tropical Storm Allison. It was literally the worst flooding Houstonians had seen in YEARS and this could be something very similar but that’s so far in distant memory and our population has grown so much that even threats of an “Allison” like storm seemed like… well hot air

So naturally when we first heard about this storm forming on Tuesday, most Houstonians were kinda like, “Yeah… like we haven’t heard there was a storm forming in the Gulf before *shrugs*“. Then came Wednesday and the warnings started becoming more official. So I filled my gas tank just in case but I really didn’t think much of this “storm forming in the Gulf”. Then Thursday came and grocery store parking lots were full; bread, water and other non-perishable food items weren’t staying on the shelves, but I still didn’t think much. There was still about 36 hours before landfall where it could stall or could fall apart or turn another way! But the announcement that this storm was now Category 1 and only expected to strengthen as it approached our coast… welp. Then I couldn’t deny it anymore.

Friday had offices closed to allow time to prepare for the storm and things just started getting real.

The storm wasn’t coming straight for Houston, but we were sitting on the east side and Houston is a city built for flooding. Either way, the city was shutting down to hunker down. And people were heading to the stores for the necessities.

Here’s a Texas tip on surviving a storm – you could very well possibly be stuck for a couple hours, so you better make the best of it, because anything could happen. Also – cabin fever is real, y’all!! You need to take lemons and make lemonade – so if you ever consider moving to Texas – learn that wine, beer or spirits can be a vital part of surviving a tough situation.

I’m not sure if anyone thought that the first major storm in such a long time would hit so close to home, but obviously no one truly expects that. But once it became an ominous issue, people knew that it was necessary to prepare, but with that, you need to prepare to stay put for a couple of days – so better get cozy.

If I could make a suggestion to anyone new to Houston or the Texas Gulf Coast area, I’d recommend to always keep wine, chocolate, plenty of books and a blankey as a fundamental part to your hurricane preparedness kit!

Hope all my fellow Houstonians are staying safe and dry!!


Love and hugs,

The Glam Greek