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It’s been almost exactly a year since my last blog post. So naturally it’s like – where the HECK have I been!? Right? Maybe not.

Besides buying makeup, clothes, shoes and accessories – I made some pretty significant life changes as pertains to my relationship status. That’s a pretty private subject, which I won’t go into extreme detail but it definitely caused a ripple effect into how I left The Glam Greek blog, insta, and FB page in the dust. However, after a particularly defeated feeling epoch of the last year, a really special character came into my life and I’m so thankful to have him in my life, because he just wants to see me shine and has such a creative eye, with that and with his support, help and love, I really see some outstanding updates to the aforementioned social media outlets and I can’t wait!

I’m ready to get back into a lot of things that I had left on the back burner the past 12 months for reasons that are much more of an excuse for laziness rather than actual plausible explanations of why I should neglect hobbies that I love and that fulfill me.

In addition to all of the above – I have started a new business venture that really has me inspired to share with you all. More on that in posts to come.

If you are still following me after my 12 month hiatus – you the real MVP & I love you!! If you left and started following again after a couple of revival posts and are reading this – I still love you! If you are just now finding out about this blog and feel that it’s worth your time to stay around and check out what’s in store – I love you & I would like to promise that this blog can be somewhat enjoyable so hang out with me some more!

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled programming


The Glam Greek

I sat down to write about makeup. Because makeup and fashion is always on my mind. But I was checking out my Facebook and I was checking out other blogs, and there’s one major thing going on lately, that no matter how much I’d rather be thinking and looking at makeup, you can’t ignore. And really, being Greek means that I’ve been seeing this on news channels and papers from back home a LOT longer than it’s been broadcasted here in the States. Greek islands in the Aegean and Greek islands off the coast of Turkey receiving thousands of migrants DAILY, I can’t remember the exact source, but 350,000 in 2015 alone- I’m sure a quick Google search and the article with that number will pop up; it was either Huffington Post or NY Times. But this week with the little 3 year old boy, washed up, face down along a popular Turkish resort town had my stomach in knots. Why is it taking that, this little boy, to have people pay attention now? And what’s even more nauseating is that this young, innocent child, wearing velcro sneakers, is not the first to perish on their escape from a war ravaged country. The Aegean sea is filled with people at this point who never made it to dry land, but that was worth it to them. They’d rather die on their way out of a country that is seeing ceaseless violence than to stay there and be killed by bombs. This video in particular of a 13 year old boy, at a train station in Hungary, where the situation has escalated the past few days, pleading with politicians to “Please stop the war in Syria. We won’t come to Europe”

Please click, please watch. Such a young man. Only 13, but yet he’s had to grow up so much. He was only 9/10 when the situation in Syria started to become the way it is now.

But what angers me the most is that the Greek people are already struggling. They’re struggling so hard right now. Not enough money to take care of themselves. No jobs. Yet the people on the islands, particularly on the islands of Kos, Lesvos, Xios, they’re taking the situation into their own hands, making sandwiches for the refugees, providing cots, blankets, water, baths, tents. Where are the politicians? Well, the Greek ones I will make a small pardon for them since they have a bit of an economic issue on their hands. But what about the Germans? That’s where all the refugees are trying to get to anyway! And the British? They’re actually refusing refugees. The French?? Why are they so GD quiet? What about the Baltic countries? Hey Swedes, Hey Fins, Hey Norwegians – people are DYING in the seas of the country you were so willing to be verbal about when it came to their finances; but when it comes to humanity, to actual human lives being lost – why the silence?

I’m so sorry to my readers who have come to my page and have enjoyed my previous posts regarding makeup, and I promise to return to that content. But I wanted to bring this up, because this affects all of us as a human race. And really, it makes trying to find the perfect lipstick in stock in perspective – that it doesn’t fxxxing matter.

humanity washed ashore
Rest your sweet soul, little Aylan. And to all the other souls who’s lives should not have ended in the Aegean Sea.


Stratigista, The Glam Greek


Here’s a link to an opinion article that I had to share regarding this issue Germany at Fault

That I didn’t even realize that it was September and all the summer posts that I had wanted to make have not been posted!

Already September ??

But that’s okay, much like in Greece, it’s still summer here in south Texas! And it probably will stay that way well into October. So as much as I’d like to wear the dark reds, and rusts, and burgundies, plums, forest and olive greens, the weather is still like, SAY GIRL, IT’S STILL SUMMER TIME!

so until the lows get balmy enough for a light, light cardigan over our year round tanks, I’ll be wearing the bright neons of summer! With a merlot lip thrown in here and there as a reminder that the cooler weather and PSL’s are in the very near future.

September still summer in Greece

Και καλό μήνα!

Thank you for coming by my newest blog! I’ve been around the blogosphere for a while, but never really kept up or was able to find a name for myself that I was proud to tell people or would be easy to say – I normally would like to incorporate my last name, but for some reason Stratigis is just too hard for (most) people! Then I’d have to go into spelling it and people would forget before they even got home, etc etc…

Then after my most recent trip back home to Greece, I was really inspired…

and thus, from the girth of a Greek god and the foam of the Aegean (did you catch my Aphrodite reference? Anyone?…), The Glam Greek was born!

The Glam Greek as a child

The Glam Greek as a child

I have some big plans for The Glam Greek and I really hope you stay around a while.

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Stratigista, The Glam Greek