Και καλό μήνα!

Thank you for coming by my newest blog! I’ve been around the blogosphere for a while, but never really kept up or was able to find a name for myself that I was proud to tell people or would be easy to say – I normally would like to incorporate my last name, but for some reason Stratigis is just too hard for (most) people! Then I’d have to go into spelling it and people would forget before they even got home, etc etc…

Then after my most recent trip back home to Greece, I was really inspired…

and thus, from the girth of a Greek god and the foam of the Aegean (did you catch my Aphrodite reference? Anyone?…), The Glam Greek was born!

The Glam Greek as a child

The Glam Greek as a child

I have some big plans for The Glam Greek and I really hope you stay around a while.

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Stratigista, The Glam Greek