Pinks and Purple Fleurs for Spring

Happy March! Kali Sarakosti!

Took a drive down Kirby Drive the other day on the way to the Rodeo, and all the lawns along the way were completely in bloom! Pinks, whites, purple. Lent has started, the sun sets later… Spring is here!

I actually did these looks for Valentine’s Day, but when you think about it, the color scheme associated with that holiday are popular amongst floral choices. Pinks roses, purple violets, just like the flower tour down Kirby!

Last week, the weather dipped into the 30’s and the next couple of days will be only up to the 50’s, not uncommon, but definitely not the norm for this time of year. I love those late spring cool fronts, gives me one last chance to wear a darkish lip and actually feel the color goes with the weather. Not to mention the dark clouds, ayee… I’m ready for some sun!


Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Wanderlust Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow on the lid
Lilly Lashes in Miami
Mixed Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless foundation & Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Veronica

This next look was so fun to do because it reminds me of my MAC days – fierce, fun & bossy. I decided to do a wing and add a pop of fun pink on the lips, an oldie but a goodie. It said Valentine’s Day, but also, “Hey Spring, where ya at though?”


Dolly Pink MAC blush (d/c) in the crease, Sugarpill Dollipop (bright pink – d/c) to deepen the crease, MUFE M928 in the outer crease (discontinued, but similar color here), Nylon eyeshadow by MAC in the inner corner. NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner) & faux mink lashes from Amazon (5 pairs, $14 and good quality!)
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation (linked above) + Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue for an extra matte look
I used the same Dolly Pink Blush from the crease for the cheeks
Gold loose pigment highlight by MAC Pro + L/E Amrezy Highlighter Anastasia Beverly Hills
MAC products : Magenta lip liner + Candy Yum Yum & Pink Nouveau lipsticks

Ready for the flowers and sunshine, but stuck not wanting the hot, hot weather to return, and let’s not even think about the allergies and pollen that’s already covering the cars.

Happy Spring, babes!


La Glam Greek

Cultured and Boozie

It’s a Thursday afternoon, it’s been a long week – you’re looking for a good happy hour. Or maybe you and your guy are looking for a good date night option that doesn’t include the run of the mill dinner & a movie. Houston has so many fun things to do and so many great happy hours, but this one for me, takes the cake.

When I say I ADORE museums, it’s not an understatement – name a museum and I’ll go and have an amazing time. I’m a sponge for knowledge and if being a scholar were a rational and affordable way to make a living, I’d be reading and expanding my horizons right now. Alas, this isn’t Europe during the Renaissance, and I’m not a male… but museums are the way to my heart, especially art museums.

My favorite in ALL of Houston is the Museum of Fine Arts. They constantly have amazing exhibits come through, more often than not, they have multiple exhibits from out of town at once; and even their regular collection has some INCREDIBLE pieces by European artists like Rembrandt, Francisco de Goya and Theodore Rousseau, amongst many others from all over the world, that you can only see here. They have artifacts, sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography and even a film collection – oftentimes foreign, which. I. LOVE!!!

Anytime someone asks what there is to do in Houston, I always recommend MFAH because besides housing fascinating pieces of art, it’s located in the Montrose District – within walking distance to Hermann Park, the Museum of Natural Science plus a large number of other museums, the Miller Outdoor Theater, Rice University, the University of St. Thomas, Hotel Zaza, the Houston Zoo; it’s a short uber ride away from cafes, bars, and restaurants off of Montrose, Westheimer or Midtown, and there’s a Houston Metrorail station RIGHT next to the museum, taking you into downtown if you’re looking to do more exploring.

And if you’re in town on a Thursday? You’re in luck. The Museum of Fine arts is free general admission (does not apply to ticketed exhibits or events) all day, and food trucks for your lunch time enjoyment. But if it’s after work where you’re looking for a good and cultured time, stop by between 5-8 p.m.!!

A bar featuring wines, beers and a handful of craft cocktails just for the occasion

A DJ for your listening pleasure

Outdoor seating to enjoy the evening weather as an escape from the usual Houston heat or when the weather gets better (getting close to this time of year), Houstonians flock to patios like white on rice.

Forgo the usual sit down 2-3 course meal between you and your company, and just grab a quick bite to eat along with your beverage of choice. The proprietor and pizzaiolo of this particular truck, came out and said hi to Bae & I and we chatted for a while. He went on to tell us that he’s originally from Rome, moved to New York but fell in love with Houston’s lifestyle – there’s something for EVERYONE! Smart guy, and AMAZING pizza. MFAH usually features different food trucks, but this one is on the rotation every couple of months.

Once you’re liquored up, belly full and feeling fine, head into the museum from 8-9 p.m. to check out an exhibit or their home collection, then ride-share to a nearby bar (suggestions – La Grange or Rosemont rooftop options!) and talk about what you’ve seen.

It’s a fun and exciting way to start your weekend antics. Happy Friday Jr!


The Glam Greek

Houston Date Night – BAE😍sball

Who here really enjoys sports?

Good! I’m glad! That makes one of us.

I’m not really a sportsing kinda gal. I sure as hell never played any myself. I’m not athletic in terms of contact sports, but we can definitely choreograph something and grand jete all day if you’d like? Growing up, my dad never really played or watched anything except for soccer which I guess never quite exposed me into this grand love of sports that most American children seem to have. Plus, he’s always had some really colorful words about American sports and especially about the Houston sports teams. But he’s not even from around here, so I’ve never taken him too seriously.

I think organized sports are great for team building when you’re in your young formative ages, and when the athletes really play for the love of the sport. However, fast forward to the major leagues and after years of studying & keeping up with socioeconomic issues and trends across the globe, I find out how much these players’ contracts are to join the majors – $78 million, $170 MILLION – and I can’t help but think of all the children especially that could be using that money. I find it stingy and selfish. Sure these athletes use it sometimes for charities and events and give back to their communities sometimes… but it’s not like they’re living in small apartments, driving Hondas and staying in on the weekends drinking boxed wine?

But I digress!!

I can’t deny how much fun a night out to go watch a sports game is. And really, it’s one of my FAVORITE date nights! Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, if you look at a sports game like a choreographed dance, you really have it all right at your finger tips – dinner and a show! Even better – most stadiums tend to be in the heart of the city or the property around it is a land mine of cool happenings so that patrons of the sporting event can continue their fun (and buzz) elsewhere close-by!

You don’t necessarily even have to wear a sports jersey to a sporting event – especially when you only feel lukewarm about those who are playing! I like to wear the team colors and glam it up slightly with a nice pair of sandals or a pair of statement earrings and always remember to wear comfortable shoes. Stadiums are LARGE and in Houston – you’re probably parking a couple blocks away!

Friday nights are the best nights to go, next to dollar hot dog nights on Wednesday, for their firework show immediately following the game – win or lose! Minute Maid Park – the home of the Astros – has an open roof stadium, but since it’s so damn hot here it’s closed most of the time. But it opens wide to expose the sky & ensuing pyro show on Friday nights after the end of the 9th inning. Their firework shows aren’t like, the best synced with their music most of the time, but who doesn’t like pyrotechnics regardless if it’s synced up right to a stellar soundtrack. (This show pictured above was my favorite – Game of Thrones themed!!! *geeks out*)

Post game, head down to Main Street and beyond into the heart of the city for a drink or two at the bars riddled downtown for your taking. The walk there is half the fun, and if you leave during the pyro show, your walk is accompanied by 1. less people and 2. fireworks!! Que romantico!! But also, downtown has so many gems tucked away in places you can’t see unless you truly look for them. And it’s downtown Houston, y’all – be aware of your surroundings. Look up – and you’ll find this hilarious street lamp flag paying homage to Houston rapper, Fat Pat. Look side to side and you’ll find beautiful wall murals.

Turn your date night into an opportunity to date and explore your city. And if you’re ever in Houston – turn it into an opportunity to explore all she has to offer.


The Glam Greek

Make Everyday Feel like “Bae”-Day…

Love as sweet as sugar

When Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of a work week (last Tuesday), I think it’s okay to still write about it a week later? Some people celebrate the weekend prior, some people celebrate the weekend following… Besides, all of February is pretty much festive and this post could potentially give someone some major inspo for a cute date day!

But honestly, enough with making excuses for myself on a late post. I actually hate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s silly and tacky and a little overwhelming especially for a made up holiday! If you’re in a relationship, you’re “expected” to get something material for your significant other. If you’re not in a relationship, it can be a damper that you don’t have someone to celebrate it with. Which I think is ridiculous. Here’s my take on the whole thing – if you’re in a relationship, don’t EXPECT anything on Valentine’s Day (or anniversary for that matter.. sometimes dudes forget, aight??). You should have the kind of relationship where you make a big elaborate for your man just because it’s Wednesday (Hump Day! ayyeeeee) and your man should bring you a huge elaborate bouquet of flowers just because it’s Monday and he thought about you on his way home! And if you’re single – boo!! Do not let that get you down! You are fire. YOU are bae.

Bae and I started off our Pre V-Day Sunday Funday festivities by going to church [y’all… if you can love Jesus together, everything else in your relationship will be a blessing. Real Talk] followed by a sweet little brunch at Common Bond Café & Bakery. Unfortunately for me, Aunt Flo decided to come visit that very morning and I tend to not have much of an appetite. Luckily though, Common Bond’s croissants and cappucinos are just the right amount of food for when you’re not wanting anything heavy at all.

Flaky, buttery heaven

Bae did not have the same issue [boys…] and ordered the Smoked Duck Tartine.

Thinly sliced pieces of smoked duck sandwiched between a toasty slice of pumpernickle coated with a creamy, tangy piquillo cheese spread and arugula topped with a soft yolk egg.

Let me interject briefly with a quick story – Common Bond has been around for a few years and could be considered a Houston landmark for the Westheimer/Montrose area. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this place for the amount of time it’s been open. I went a few years back and did not understand the wait as I was thoroughly unimpressed. But this smoked duck tartine has me wanting more!

Needless to say, hats off to the chef.

Which funny enough, Bae actually happens to know the chef! He came to visit with us for a few moments. We learned that when he became head chef, he was told to come up with new items for the menu, the smoked duck being one of them. He also had us try some of his dessert creations. Seriously incredible! I’m not a huge sweets person, but you HAVE to give credit for the presentation. And if you’re a fan of rich, decadent, sugary goodness, you’ll have to give the desserts at Common Bond a go!

Chef Matt’s spin on tiramisu

And for Valentine’s Day – a cute pink, heart shaped take on Creme Brulee – some of my favorite things in 1!

Creme Brulee filled pastry on top of a chocolate covered coconut patty with a GOLD FOIL LEAF on top #fancy

Following brunch was time for ultimate rest and relaxation. Just reminiscing on this part of our day date makes me wish spa days never have to end. We headed to the shops on West Ave in River Oaks to Milk + Honey day spa for couple’s massage and couple’s pedicure (my gift to us)


This spa feels lavish all while making YOU feel relaxed, serene and calm. They ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes early, but I recommend getting there at least and hour early to undress and change into one of their amazingly warm, fuzzy and plush robes and the pair of slippers they provide for you upon arrival.

After changing into your robe and slippers, you can head into the “tranquility” room – gray, white & gold hues, luscious and cozy pillows, succulents on the end tables provided to place your glasses of cucumber water or cup of tea – while you wait to be called for your turn to be pampered.

Really there’s nothing I’ve done so far in my 2 (almost 3) decades of life as romantic as a couple’s massage. It’s intimate without touching. Something about being pampered side by side with someone you love is both thrilling and calming at the same time.
After the massage and pedicure, we were able to hang out in the “tranquility room” a little longer before finally heading back out into the real world and preparing for the next day.

This sort of Sunday Funday will also probably be duplicated because honestly, everyone loves brunch and everyone loves a good, luxurious massage. Put the two together, and you have the perfect recipe for a wonderful day.


The Glam Greek