Pinks and Purple Fleurs for Spring

Happy March! Kali Sarakosti!

Took a drive down Kirby Drive the other day on the way to the Rodeo, and all the lawns along the way were completely in bloom! Pinks, whites, purple. Lent has started, the sun sets later… Spring is here!

I actually did these looks for Valentine’s Day, but when you think about it, the color scheme associated with that holiday are popular amongst floral choices. Pinks roses, purple violets, just like the flower tour down Kirby!

Last week, the weather dipped into the 30’s and the next couple of days will be only up to the 50’s, not uncommon, but definitely not the norm for this time of year. I love those late spring cool fronts, gives me one last chance to wear a darkish lip and actually feel the color goes with the weather. Not to mention the dark clouds, ayee… I’m ready for some sun!


Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Wanderlust Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow on the lid
Lilly Lashes in Miami
Mixed Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless foundation & Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Veronica

This next look was so fun to do because it reminds me of my MAC days – fierce, fun & bossy. I decided to do a wing and add a pop of fun pink on the lips, an oldie but a goodie. It said Valentine’s Day, but also, “Hey Spring, where ya at though?”


Dolly Pink MAC blush (d/c) in the crease, Sugarpill Dollipop (bright pink – d/c) to deepen the crease, MUFE M928 in the outer crease (discontinued, but similar color here), Nylon eyeshadow by MAC in the inner corner. NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner) & faux mink lashes from Amazon (5 pairs, $14 and good quality!)
Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation (linked above) + Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue for an extra matte look
I used the same Dolly Pink Blush from the crease for the cheeks
Gold loose pigment highlight by MAC Pro + L/E Amrezy Highlighter Anastasia Beverly Hills
MAC products : Magenta lip liner + Candy Yum Yum & Pink Nouveau lipsticks

Ready for the flowers and sunshine, but stuck not wanting the hot, hot weather to return, and let’s not even think about the allergies and pollen that’s already covering the cars.

Happy Spring, babes!


La Glam Greek

When you have Sephora Haul withdrawals…


Nothing like coming home to this box on your doorstep

I haven’t done a Sephora haul since their VIB Rouge sale back at the end of April. APRIL, y’all! I’m trying to be less of a spender these days. Granted, I’m still picking up a few pieces here and there. But it’s much less like before where I’d dump large sums of money on paints and powders that I put on my face only to wash off a few hours later.

I tried to avoid the VIB Rouge sale, but seeing as it only comes twice a year, I had to take a gander on their website – you know, just to see if they had anything that I might need… or want? Then one thing led to another..

…I really need to work on my self control…

It all started after I read about this RMS Beauty Champagne Rosé Luminizer – I like Champagne, I like Rosé, and I like cream highlighters. That, and it’s positive as well as credible review from Popsugar Beauty, I added it to cart.

Next I needed a good powder for my kit. I swear by this powder – it’s great for the humid, Houston heat; it’s lightweight yet it sets creams very well; and it’s a decent price (compared to my other FAVORITE – Chanel translucent powder). When I clicked on this product on the site, I learned that Laura Mercier added a Translucent Medium Deep powder recently for my rich complexion ladies. So of course I got both for my kit. Seeing as this was for business reasons, I felt it was pretty justified.

The whole point of a sale, especially the VIB Rouge sale, is to take that discount and use that towards new products you haven’t tried before! I’d been eyeing the KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper for ages, but with mixed reviews I had always neglected to try it out. But this was my chance! *add to cart* I’ve been obsessing over the Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints. They have an amazing formula that isn’t too terribly dry, but stays really well, and with their large array of nude/neutral colors, I had to try a couple more. *add to cart*

Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints in Delish & Low Key; Kat Von D liquid liner pen in Trooper

Another point to the whole VIB Rouge sale is to try purchasing products that maybe you didn’t like before but could like now?? This time last year, I finally decided to try the cult favorite MUFE HD Foundation. At that time, I had terrible acne still. Seeing as this foundation is a light to medium coverage with a natural/almost dewy finish, this did nothing for my acne prone, acne scarred & oily skin. But after having used the amazing Rodan + Fields Unblemish regimen for about 8 months, my skin had improved dramatically and since this guy was on sale – *add to cart*. (update – I LOVE it!)

Last but definitely not least – I’d been eyeing these Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors since last year but just never got it. For the price – $44, I wasn’t quite sure how ready I was to commit to yet another cream highlighter. But it was the VIB Rouge sale!!! You can never have too many cream highlighters! *add to cart*


I’m working on my willpower!! When was your last large haul? Are you guys loving the products from your Spring Sephora VIB Rouge Sale hauls?


The Glam Greek

Baegas Haul

While I’m not much of the casino-gamble-all-my-money-away-kinda-girl, Las Vegas entices me to lose money in other ways. The Forum Shops at Caesars are MY personal favorite place to be on the Strip. They have everything for every price range. Wanna throw a G on a Louis Vuitton bag after too many cocktails? The Palace gotchu. Wanna throw down a few hunnits on some makeup because you’re addicted and admitting you have a problem is the first step but you don’t want to admit it yet? The Palace where it’s at. Only have a few bucks and want a cute choker to go with your outfit for Tao tonight? The Palace got that too, boo.

Makeup shopping in the western United States is so much better than here in Texas. Nothing beats L.A. (next on my bucket list), but Las Vegas has a MAC Pro, free standing Nars, a large Sephora (you can never go wrong with the mothership), Inglot, and probably a couple of others that I’m missing, regardless, I can lose my way into the abyss of makeup shopping.

The mothership calls me wherever I go…

Even though I practically own all of the pro store, I needed to stock up on a Light Boost and a Radiant Rose. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a MAC collection… but when I arrived at MAC Pro LV, MAC’s Work it Out collection had just come out. And as per usual (sorry, MAC) I walked right on by. But since I had been having a little drinkies, the MAC artist that had greeted me, quickly talked me into the lavnder and rose scented Fix +’s.

Even though I didn’t like the fact that they only have travel sizes (which I’m assuming was the idea behind Work it Out – sweat proof makeup essentials to throw in your gym bag to enhance your post work out glow..) I still snagged a couple for my collection. **note – travel size MAC containers are NOT eligible for B2m**

I controlled myself fairly well considering I had the candy shop at my finger tips. And being early Sunday afternoon, there weren’t a ton of people there.. but I had my eye on the prize.

I already own a ridiculous amount of MAC products, Sephora has brands on brands on brands, on products on products on products; and I need to expand my horizons.

After the Stila Metallic Foil eye shadows came out a few summers ago, they’re pretty much all I need and use to add the PERFECT pop of glitz I need in a look. So naturally, when Stila came out with their new Metallic Glitter liquid eyeshadows, I had to snag a few for myself.

I actually restrained myself and ONLY picked up 4…

L – R : Kitten Karma, Gold Goddess, Smoky Storm, Retro Rose Gold

Then I made my way around and grabbed a couple of powder products. A Sephora Collection blush in “Sweet on You” I received as a sample last year, the perfect summer cheek color, so I finally picked it up in full size. A new bake powder from Kat Von D, a powder foundation from Sephora collection, for science. And of course… a highlighter.

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter – Transcendence

Applied with finger – subtle. Spray Fix + to hear angels sing

Being a Libra, I’m all about balance. With powder products and eye products already in my bag, I had to pick up some face and liquid products to try out. I’m obsessed with lightweight, natural finish foundations lately because, I can be! I’d had acne for such a long time, nothing besides medium to heavy coverage would cut it for me. I’ve been loving the UD Naked concealer for a while, so I went ahead and picked up the foundation. Seeing that I was on vacation, I also picked up 2 travel sizes of my favorite primer and setting sprays OF ALL TIME! And a lip creme from Marc Jacobs to try… again, for science!

Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme – Fawn Over Me

After this HUGE haul, Bae and I grabbed a taxi and headed to the airport very makeup and cocktail drunk! 🙁 Anytime a vacation involves having enough leftover coins to spend on some new makeup goodies, is a dream vacation for me.

Until next haul…

The Glam Greek

The Most Elusive Lipstick in America

Let me tell you what sparked my “The Glam Greek Reports” – I spent literally TWO days obsessed over finding Dusty Rose by Anastasia Beverly Hills from their Fall collection of liquid lipsticks. And I was so determined to find it that I traveled to two different malls and then called literally- and I mean literally in it’s literal sense – called ALL the malls within the “Houston” area that had a Macy’s with an Impulse Beauty department. That’s about 10 malls, y’all.

And then I was reading about the refugees and realized I was obsessing over something so small and trivial.. but that’s neither here nor there for this post, please read the previous for my thoughts on that.

I called TEN different malls, and if the mall in Pasadena had it, I was willing to drive ALL THE WAY OUT TO PASADENA from Cypress to pick up Dusty Rose. I’m telling you, once I get something in my head that I have to have, I won’t rest until I have it.

ABH Dusty Rose

Unfortunately I was not able to find it anywhere! So I started stalking the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram page, as well as Norvina’s (ABH daughter) and this one called Trend Mood 1 that always posts updates for launches and restocks, to see if they would post any information! I can’t lie, I was also harassing a bit too, posting on almost all the new uploads, “Hey! when is Dusty Rose coming back in stock!?” But then I would sit and read through comments and apparently it never launched on their site, which started to make sense because I did buy all of their fall collection, but never saw a Dusty Rose. So I started to get a little angry!

It must’ve been a Labor Day miracle though, because this morning, during my morning Instagram scroll, Trend Mood announced that Dusty Rose and the illuminators were in stock! So naturally, I made my order. Dusty Rose has found a new home and can now join the rest of her brothers and sisters in the ABH Fall Collection <3

Did anyone else have such a hard time finding this lipstick in particular?


Stratigista, the Glam Greek

Summer Collections- Anastasia Beverly Hills

I had really hoped on not spending any… ok, let be real here – much… I had hoped on not spending much money on makeup this summer. My mind was telling me no.. but my BODY, MY BODYYYY…

It all (probably) started on a week day morning early on in the summer; as my alarm went off, after I hit snooze a few times, I decided to open up and look at Instagram like it was the morning paper, like I normally do. I (sort of unfortunately) follow this page that often posts new makeup collections, upcoming restocks and product launches and the like. Most of the time I see them and feel lukewarm about what I see, but something, SOMETHING about this post had me checking my bank account to see how much I could drop the moment the collection launched early this summer.

ABH Summer 2015ABH Summer 2015 SwatchesIt was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2015 collection. Now, after I finally collected ALL the liquid lipsticks in the line and love them all as if they were my own actual children; I knew that this was a rare “Pokemon” and yet again, I had to catch them all. Although it’s September, I remember the day it launched (though now, I don’t know an exact date). I remember sitting at my computer, with an alarm on my phone and email calendar to alert me when the items went up for sale. But! As I checked Instagram, Macy’s had already launched part of the collection! Better for me, I thought, that way I can use my Macy’s Card… muahaha. But by the time I had learned of the Macy’s early bird launch, lots of the products were already SOLD. OUT! Wtf?

I was only able to get my hands on the two liquid lipsticks (after refreshing the page only about 5-8 times), the two shadows in Amber and Peach Sorbet (OMG – amazinnnnngggg! *insert heart eye emoji here*) and the gel liners in Ice Blue, Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow… So I thought. And then I’d just get the rest of the liners on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, which I did – Barbie Pink and Sunset. In the Cart. Purchase. Confirmation. Wait for shipping info.

But then about a week later, I get an email from Macy’s saying that the gel liners in Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow were actually not in stock and wouldn’t be restocked so it would be pulled from my order, and I would be reimbursed that money. I must admit I did feel a bit frantic- omg! What am I going to do?! I need those liners! Then I was like, come on Maria, let’s be rational here, you don’t NEED those liners.  So I was like, yeah, no big deal, I don’t need ’em!

Fast forward a month, I’m at the Galleria, and as always, I park at Macy’s. I successfully pass by the ABH display while on my way to the stores within the mall, while not checking if they have the liners I’m missing from my Summer 2015 collection- because remember, I don’t need them! But on my way back through Macy’s to get to my car, I had to stop and pick up some Clarisonic brush heads because I needed my replacements! And I was in the Impulse section of the store anyway, where they have the ABH display and Oh My Lanta! They had Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow – IN. STOCK! So I grabbed them.


But at least that part of my collection’s complete!


Not pictured: shadows in Amber & Peach Sorbet


The Glam Greek