Summer Makeup – Favorites & Not So Favorites

Legit worked pretty much my entire summer.

I started a new job, and unfortunately in America, taking anything longer than a straight week vacation is looked at as shocking, unless there’s “tenure” involved. Which, is understandable, however, we gotta take truly unplugged breaks every once in a while, even if you’re the new kid on the block.

The highlight of my summer was shopping for makeup at the beginning – picking out products that I try to see if they stand the test of time : the hot and humid Houston summers. Brutal.

Starting from the Top, clockwise : Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch setting powder, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Gel and Brow Wiz, MorrocanOil Treatment, Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette, Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick
  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Powder – that Caribbean honey, Rihanna, knows what it’s like to deal with those sweaty, humid days and nights. This powder is worth the try if you’re worried about your face melting off the moment you walk out the door.
  • ABH Dipbrow Gel – On the fence about this product! Did I love it? No, But would I buy it again? For sure. I like it better than regular brow gel because of the small, tapered applicator and thicker, darker product, but it was kinda gloppy (is this a word?) and doesn’t feel like it brushes as evenly through my brows as the regular ol’ gel. But, boy does it stay ON! Through sweat and… yeah, that’s all I did this summer, but brows never rubbed off.
  • ABH Brow Wiz – Love this product. Will re-buy again and again. I just happened to include it in this early summer’s haul!
  • Moroccan Oil Treatment – The Original Moroccan oil treatment, the brand’s name is literally Moroccanoil. I love this stuff! I use this about every 3 times I wash my hair, and it tames the curls and combats the frizz that I love so much…
  • ABH Riviera Palette – I’m going to be completely honest, I haven’t actually used this palette yet. This is tragic… I know, but maybe I’ll do a post separately for this beautiful summery palette??
  • Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick – I tried out Sugar Mama and Trophy Wife a while back and Trophy Wife has to be ONE OF MY TIP TOP VERY FAVORITE LIP COLORS EVERRRRRR!!! But it’s dark, reddish mauve makes Trophy Wife perfect for fall, and left me wanting something similar for Spring/Summer. Gossip Girl is described as the perfect everyday pink, and I have to agree with that! It’s got a hint of Barbie while also being normal enough to wear to the office. Cheerleader, “a delicately muted red”?? It was a deep red like lots of other lipsticks in my repertoire, BUT the formula SUCKED! It was watery, slippery and bled once it finally dried. I returned it immediately.

In all, I hardly did ANY painting of the sort this summer. I spent it perfecting my craft of the “quick, looked really pulled together” makeup look. Which I now rock some sort of variation of on the daily for my werkin-woman boss-babe vibes! No complaints there, but I’m ready to get my hands on the Riviera palette and get some COLOR in my life!

PSA : I just got Sephora’s 20% Summer VIB Sale in my emails! Going on from 8/19 – 8/23! Feel free to leave any suggestions for what to get in my upcoming haul!



From Beach Vacation to Pumpkin Patch OOTD Essentials

Well the first full weekend of October has passed and it was sweltering! Still no sweaters in sight. And like every first weekend in October in Houston, the annual Greek Festival is held, rain or shine.

It’s actually sort of perfect that we were blessed again with perfect pool day weather for Greek Festival because I’m starting to really miss Greece again, but then again, when am I not? I love swimsuit cover ups that are a versatile piece to have in my closet, especially if that means I can wear it in Greece and then again here, as if I were bringing a piece of it back with me. *tear*…

Here are my favorite cover ups from Summer 2018, that can be used at other times of the year than besides in the summer or just when you go to the beach, which means, more bang for your buck, and I’m all about that :

A Lightweight LBD

This one from Stitch Fix gave me SO much life this summer. My favorite way to wear it from beach to lunch or post late-evening swim drinks was with a straw fedora and Birkenstocks like pictured… and will probably wear with a denim jacket and sneakers like Stan Smiths or with a flannel tied around the waist and booties when the temperatures drop a bit more. AND… it has POCKETS!

An Oversized White Cotton Button Down

You can find these at H&M, you can find them at Forever XXI, you can find them just about anywhere and you can find them for reasonable prices. Even BETTER idea is to find these for pocket change at a thrift store! Wherever you find one, be sure that it’s cotton or linen because you do not want to catch yourself on a boat in the middle of the summer in a shirt made of a fabric that does not breathe! Find one long enough that you can wear open or with a few of the middle to bottom buttons closed or you can wear the shirt tied up in a knot at the waist paired with denim shorts. Then, wear with jeans and sneakers or with pumps for a date night outfit! You can never go wrong with a white button down shirt.

Denim Cut Offs

Like the aforementioned white button down, I’m not sure what’s more classic than denim? Worn simply with a one piece swimsuit or paired with anything to cover up on top like a tee or tank or a sleeveless chambray? This piece speaks for itself for it’s versatility in your closet or when having to pack for a trip, so I don’t think I need to say anymore.


Sarongs hadn’t really been my thing. When I think of “Sarong” I think of walking along a Hawaiian beach in Maui, and nothing is wrong about that at all, but it just feels almost too tropical which is usually reserved for vacations and certain outfits, which sort of limits your options on how to repurpose the piece into your wardrobe. As someone who likes to support local owned businesses and especially locally woman owned businesses, I was thrilled when a couple of friends of mine opened an online boutique inspired by Greece. I was even MORE thrilled when literally everything on their site is precious and I need everything for my own closet and home. I especially fell in love with this year’s resort collection and this sarong. I’ve worn this as a headscarf, a shawl, a beach wrap and as a regular scarf. Can we say, perfection?

Will I ever not wear a kaftan or a sheer, flowy maxi dress over a swimsuit again? Of course not!! Caribbean vacations and Vegas pool parties need these kinds of swimsuit cover ups!

But if I can save some suitcase space for a cute cover up that I can also wear to dinner or breakfast on that same vacation or use as a cover up and then bring back home and re-wear at a later date? I’ll take it. Then if you do take it on vacation, you can bring it back and each time you wear it, it can remind you of being back at your favorite place or a happy get-away.


La Glam Greek

An Ode to the One Piece

Yesterday was Labor Day, we’re being promised a cool front here in Houston, and now that it’s 5 days into September – Halloween and Autumn decorations can be found EVERYWHERE. Makes me kinda sad…
I’m not a summer girl : my heart belongs to the cool, crisp mornings of fall, but Summer 2017 trends really had me in the feels. In particular, the sexy ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT!

Thanks to recent positive body image movements where more and more women are learning to love themselves despite socially instituted beauty expectations, gone are the days where we kill ourselves in the gym and starve our beautiful bodies to “look awesome” in a swimsuit. But let me tell you how thankful I am to the one piece swimsuit… I didn’t do 1000 ab exercises, I didn’t deprive myself of anything I wanted to eat, and I didn’t spend 2.5 hours on a cardio machine each day for 3 weeks prior to any of my beach body revealing events because the one piece is every girl’s answer to being unapologetic about not having washboard abs! Which are overrated anyway…

Here are a few of my favorite one piece swimsuits of 2017, and a few ways to style them for your next vacation because let’s face a few facts here:

  • one piece swimsuits are so hot, they’re here to stay
  • Summer in Texas isn’t just from May-August
  • just because summer is “over” doesn’t mean you could possibly take a tropical vacation sometime between now and next summer


This gorgeous aquamarine swim suit from Private Party makes me feel like a modern day nereid. The suit is cut high at the leg and low in the back, helping to elongate the legs and the torso. It’s a little on the pricey side, but the fabric is of great quality, so whether you decide to purchase this one or any of their other swimsuits, don’t fret too much over the initial sticker shock because this is a great addition to your summer wardrobe for many warm seasons to come. Pair with aviators, or sunnies with matching lenses like these from Quay Australia pictured below (similar pair here), a pair of statement earrings in a similar hue, plus a body highlighter on the legs and you’re ready to slay, the mermaid way.

This suit I also purchased last year, but it’s such a favorite of mine, I had to include it in my favorite one pieces again this year. I’m a firm believer that suits with underwires are more flattering thanks to the way they accentuate some of our best assets. I especially love the mesh panels adding a bit of flair for an otherwise “plain” black swimsuit. Pair with a bold, classic lip like a coral red, cute vacation-y statement earrings and some gladiator sandals for a classy beach look.


I noticed this swimsuit early on in the summer on the Asos website and knew I HAD to have it! I can’t remember the last time I owned a red swimsuit, but I’d been coveting one for ages so I added this to my cart as soon as they had it in stock. Thing to note about Asos swimsuits is to make sure you don’t need to wear it immediately. I originally ordered my standard size, but that was a little too small for comfort, so I returned and ordered a size up. Still too revealing. So I sent that back and ordered a size above that, and like Goldilocks – it was just right!! This is also cut high on the thigh, but this baby got back.

Sometimes the swimsuit section of Target makes my head hurt – but do not sleep on Target swimsuits! I originally hadn’t intended on buying any additional swimsuits this year especially after I snagged the gorgeous red number above. However, one evening, a friend invited us over to her house for an impromptu pool party and since I wasn’t home and making a pit stop home would ultimately decide my events for the night (a.k.a pajamas and Netflix), I stopped at Target. I didn’t even spend 5 minutes looking for a swimsuit, I just saw this black one piece and knew that it would have to work, and if it didn’t – I’d feign an illness, leave the party and return the swimsuit the next day. Much to my surprise, this suit fits SO amazing. The extra low back, the high cut on the thighs, and the thin straps make this one piece slinky and sexy. Also – never underestimate the power of a little peek of side-boob.


What makes me most sad about saying adieu to Summer 2017 is bidding farewell to (what I consider) the most flattering silhouettes and styles for the hot summer temperatures. Let’s hope that we take a page from this year’s trends and keep the flattering, body confidence inspiring #styleinspo for Summer 2018!


The Glam Greek

The Long and the Short of It

Okay Houstonians, I hope you’re enjoying the last of these cool mornings and warm afternoon days, because we know the devil weather is right around the corner.

For myself, this is the only time that I particularly enjoy the Texas summer – these random spurts of agreeable weather where the humidity is lower than usual, the mornings are cool enough for a jog without uncontrollable sweating til at least 10:30 a.m.,the afternoons and early evenings are more than perfect for happy hours on the patio and nighttime feels incredible enough for a stroll in the park.

If you haven’t been in Houston long, it’s hard to decipher what you should wear during this time.

Top : Lulus || Shorts : Gap || Shoes : Monastiraki, Athens, Greece

A simple rule of thumb for any locale during Spring or Fall, where you’re not sure of how cool the mornings will be nor how hot the afternoons will be is to LAYER! If I’m not in the layering mood – I try to keep my outfits balanced like this one here. When the temperatures are up and down, keep something covered and show a little something else. This way, you’re not too hot when the sun really starts warming up and you’re not too cold when the sun starts going down. Also try to keep your fabrics breathable, it’s OKAY to wear long sleeves in late Spring/early summer as long as your fabrics are right.

Summer Don’t : Wool/Cashmere || Summer Do : COTTON!

Choker : Aldo Shoes

When the humidity is low, a WHOLE world of hair styles is opened up – for me, this means it’s actually worth taking heat tools to my hair without worrying about a frizz-attack. However, in this case, I piled my mane on top of my head for a top knot, free-ing my shoulders to the sun!

This is one of my FAVORITE pair of sandals. They’re platform, have a touch of espadrille style in one of the layers of the platform, I’m obsessed with the braided detail across the top of the foot, and they tie up, making them part of the gladiator family. Something about gladiator sandals scream summer and continues to give a warm-weather appropriate feel to the long sleeve top.

Enjoy the last mild days of the late Spring! Because – Brace yourselves, Summer is coming!


The Glam Greek

Summer Collections- Anastasia Beverly Hills

I had really hoped on not spending any… ok, let be real here – much… I had hoped on not spending much money on makeup this summer. My mind was telling me no.. but my BODY, MY BODYYYY…

It all (probably) started on a week day morning early on in the summer; as my alarm went off, after I hit snooze a few times, I decided to open up and look at Instagram like it was the morning paper, like I normally do. I (sort of unfortunately) follow this page that often posts new makeup collections, upcoming restocks and product launches and the like. Most of the time I see them and feel lukewarm about what I see, but something, SOMETHING about this post had me checking my bank account to see how much I could drop the moment the collection launched early this summer.

ABH Summer 2015ABH Summer 2015 SwatchesIt was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer 2015 collection. Now, after I finally collected ALL the liquid lipsticks in the line and love them all as if they were my own actual children; I knew that this was a rare “Pokemon” and yet again, I had to catch them all. Although it’s September, I remember the day it launched (though now, I don’t know an exact date). I remember sitting at my computer, with an alarm on my phone and email calendar to alert me when the items went up for sale. But! As I checked Instagram, Macy’s had already launched part of the collection! Better for me, I thought, that way I can use my Macy’s Card… muahaha. But by the time I had learned of the Macy’s early bird launch, lots of the products were already SOLD. OUT! Wtf?

I was only able to get my hands on the two liquid lipsticks (after refreshing the page only about 5-8 times), the two shadows in Amber and Peach Sorbet (OMG – amazinnnnngggg! *insert heart eye emoji here*) and the gel liners in Ice Blue, Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow… So I thought. And then I’d just get the rest of the liners on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website, which I did – Barbie Pink and Sunset. In the Cart. Purchase. Confirmation. Wait for shipping info.

But then about a week later, I get an email from Macy’s saying that the gel liners in Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow were actually not in stock and wouldn’t be restocked so it would be pulled from my order, and I would be reimbursed that money. I must admit I did feel a bit frantic- omg! What am I going to do?! I need those liners! Then I was like, come on Maria, let’s be rational here, you don’t NEED those liners.  So I was like, yeah, no big deal, I don’t need ’em!

Fast forward a month, I’m at the Galleria, and as always, I park at Macy’s. I successfully pass by the ABH display while on my way to the stores within the mall, while not checking if they have the liners I’m missing from my Summer 2015 collection- because remember, I don’t need them! But on my way back through Macy’s to get to my car, I had to stop and pick up some Clarisonic brush heads because I needed my replacements! And I was in the Impulse section of the store anyway, where they have the ABH display and Oh My Lanta! They had Ocean, Coral Reef and Yellow – IN. STOCK! So I grabbed them.


But at least that part of my collection’s complete!


Not pictured: shadows in Amber & Peach Sorbet


The Glam Greek